Air Plant Christmas Ornaments

Ok, I’m finally recovered from the Rose Bowl Flea Market.  With over 24 hours without sleep, loading and unloading furniture four times, and then getting to drive Riley through LA traffic, it just about took me out.  It was a good experience and I’m really glad we did it.  It was a group effort and I’m really grateful for my family and all the work they put into this adventure.  And I even got to hang out with The Girls with Glasses for a few minutes.  
I know this might be a no no, but I’m ready for Christmas.  Yes, Thanksgiving is lovely, but Christmas is everyone’s favorite.  Am I right? So, let’s just dive in with a DIY Christmas Ornament.
I love air plants, I have a couple beaded glass bubbles hanging in my dining room and I used them to as center pieces for my mom’s 60th birthday party.  Because all our family lives far away, we spend our Christmas’s away from home.  I love a live tree, but for the years when we are gone for long periods of time, I got a cute little tinsel tree to stand in.  This year I’m hanging live ornaments on the tree in mini glass bubbles.  
Glass Bubbles (Amazon is a good source for the round and for the tear drop shaped ones)
Round and Geometric Beads (this post lists good sources for these beads)
Natural Twine
I painted some of the beads metallic gold and paired them with dark stained ones.  Then I simply strung them on the some natural twine and attached them to the glass bubbles.  

The tree might not be live, but the ornaments are.