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Free Printable Valentine’s Day Chocolate Bar Wraps

Need a quick Valentine’s gift idea for your kiddos or sweetheart?  You can print off these chocolate bar wraps and customize a candy bar for someone you love in no time at all.

Last year I made a set of printable Valentine’s Day cards and I liked the designs so much, I decided to use them again. I’ve created free printable PDFs for you, you can download all 4 of these designs HERE!

Simply cut out the wrap with a pair of scissors and then using double sided tape close the wrap around the bar.  I made these wraps to fit a variety of chocolate bars.  Remove the original paper wrapper and leave the bar in it’s pretty gold foil.  These are Ghirardelli dark chocolate bars with salted caramel – I want someone to give me one.  

And on the back, I added a spot to write who the gift is to and from.  This is what I’ll be sending to my kid’s teachers this year for Valentine’s Day.

Have you given Valentine’s Day a thought yet? I need to get my kid’s class valentine’s ready pretty soon here.  But, at least I have the teacher gift covered now. 

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