DIY Triangle Patterned Tray

I love when you can customize a generic item specifically for your style and taste.  So, that’s just what I did with a $10 wooden tray.  I gave it an O + P look.  I’ve teamed up with 4 of my favorite bloggers to show you 5 Ways to DIY a wooden tray.  It’s really fun to see everyones unique personal style come out in this projects.  So, head over and see how Sarah Hearts, The Crafted Life, Pars Caeli and A Bubbly Life all DIYed the same wooden tray.  And to make this even more fun, we’ve got a giveaway for you (check that out at the end of the post). 
Our coffee table is marble topped, so I like to give places for folks to place their drinks and snacks. The tray protects the surface and adds some texture and pattern.  

Here’s what you’ll need:

wooden tray
sand paper or sanding block
dark wood stain (I used a walnut color)
a rag
blue painters tape
x-acto knife
white craft paint
stencil blush
leather cord
8 upholstery nails

Start by giving the tray a light sanding to take away any imperfections and rough patches.  Then apply the stain to the tray, following the instructions on the product you choose to use.  I like to rub on the stain with a rag, allow it to soak into the wood for about 5 mins and then wipe off the excess.

Next, I added a little leather detail to the handles.  I simply wrapped the leather cord tightly around the handle, tucking in the end of the cord.  When I got to the end, I just tied a tight knot on the underside of the handle and then trimmed the excess.

For the triangle detail, I used blue painter’s tape as my stencil.  I cut three lengths of tape the width of the tray and stuck the tape to a piece of freezer paper.  Then I drew triangle on the tape with a marker in a random pattern.  Then with an x-acto knife, I cut out the triangles.  Then I placed the tape in the tray and pressed down all the edges so that the tape sealed well.
Then with some white craft paint, I dabbed on the paint using a stencil foam brush.  I removed the tape carefully while the paint was still wet.

Finally, I added some gold upholstery nails to the sides of the tray.  I wanted to cover the staples on the sides that held the tray together.  It added a nice finished look to the piece. 
How would DIY this tray?  We’ve given you 5 Ways to DIY this wooden tray.  Enter below for a chance to win a $50 giftcard to Amazon, so you can make your own tray.  
One winner will be chosen at random. The giveaway ends 3/27/15 at 12am PST. 

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16 thoughts on “DIY Triangle Patterned Tray

  1. Michelle Tinker

    Yours is definitely my favorite. I've been interested in the faux marble trend that's been going around. I'd probably try to DIY it up with a marble look.

  2. Anonymous

    I've been itching to spray a train a bright neon yellow! Maybe a fun black and white geometric pattern on the inside bottom. Love your take!

  3. Courtney Sherwood

    I love the attention to detail- the leather and gold brads are great 🙂 I would love to DIY on headboards… don't know if that fits into the budget but it'd be a cool idea 🙂

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