DIY Wooden Sphere Picture Holders

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I’m all about getting pics off my phone and in my home for saved for safe keeping and enjoyment.  If you follow me on instagram, you’ll know that Olivia has bunny in tough all the time. This little 3 year old has so much energy and is always on the move.  One of the best times for me to capture her at this age, is when she is napping.  The light is perfect streaming through her window and it’s the only time of day this wiggle worm is still.  I’ve been taking pictures of her and bunny sleeping together since she was a tiny baby.
timeshel is a great new app that helps you preserve all those precious images.  timeshel is a subscription service that makes printing photos easy. Starting at $5.95 per month, you can receive a shel of your favorite images from the month.  Simply add images to the timeshel app throughout the month and when it is full, your high quality prints will be will automatically be mailed to you. 
There are two levels of subscription.  You can opt to have 10 prints a month received in a nifty envelope for $5.95/month or 30 prints a month received in the shel (see below) for $14.95/month. 

Now that I have all these sweet prints, I want to display them.  These little wooden sphere picture holders are a simple, attractive way to share your favorite images in your home.  I made these little picture holders with a couple simple supplies and about 30 mins of my time.

I found a package of 4 wooden knobs at Hobby Lobby for less then $3.  They are flat on the bottom, so they sit nicely on a table top. Using a hack saw, very carefully saw a 1/2″ deep slit just off to the side of the center on a slight angle.

Tape off sections of the wooden knobs.  I taped mine all in different directions and angles.  Then using 3 fun colors of craft paint, paint each of them.

When they are dry, remove the tape and insert your pictures.

timeshel is only available for iOs in the Apple Store. For more about timeshel, be sure to check them out on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

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