Thrifting Thursday – Feeling Lucky

I love thrifting for holiday decor. There’s no need to spend big bucks on all the fun new stuff that hits the shelves of Target every season.You can find unique things, that no one else has in their homes for a fraction of the price.

I couple weeks ago I came across this pretty shamrock glass dish for just $3.  I’m going to enjoy taking this out every St. Patrick’s Day.

I’m filling it with my new favorite green treat, dried kiwis.  My sweet friend PJ, of A Girl Named PJ, sent me a big bag of these.  They are soooo good.  She bought them locally in New Jersey, but don’t worry, I’ve found some online for you.  
OK, so what how you found thrifting lately?  I also scored this gorgeous mint green pitcher and glass stirer for just $8.50 this week.

One thought on “Thrifting Thursday – Feeling Lucky

  1. emily

    i agree! i'm not one for decorating a lot for each holiday, so thrifting those items is perfect for me. plus, they always seem to look more elegant than the stuff that comes out each season. great find!

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