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This week I shared on Instagram that I’m going to be working really hard this month to take care of myself and try to GET FIT.  It’s not what I normally post about.  But, I thought it might be helpful for myself, and maybe a few other folks, if I shared a little about this personal journey.  It’s a simple plan, for the month of May I will be eating clean and working out at least 1 hour a day. Taking care of myself is that last thing on my to-do list.  I think I lot of moms can relate. And to be totally vain, I’m really nervous about putting on a bathing suit this Summer.  I think I really don’t eat that bad at all, I cook most of our meals and try to be conscience about making good choices.  But, it’s not enough. Being 37 and having had 3 babies has me feeling a little yucky about my body. Plus, I know when I exercise regularly, my mental health and outlook on life are so much better. I also sleep so much better after an active day. I want to be strong and active so I can keep up with my kids and my crazy busy life in general.

Before Christmas, Lonnie and I did the Whole 30 Program and I felt great! So, I’m back on it again. It’s definitely a plan that I can stick with.  It’s all about putting the right fuel into your body and breaking sugar addictions.  For one, I used to love sweetened creamers in my coffee, now I only want coconut milk in it.  Sweet coffee just doesn’t even sound that good anymore.  And my hair and skin definitely benefitted from the diet.

I thought I’d share some of my go-to GET FIT gear.  I got the Up Jawbone Band for Christmas, it’s been really helpful in keeping me active throughout the day.  I have it set to alert me every 15 mins. as a reminder to get up and move.  I try to do squats or just walk around a bit when I feel it vibrate. It’s also helped me track my sleep and makes me conscience of getting to bed before midnight.

A good sports bra is a MUST.  If the girls are bouncing around, workouts and runs are no fun at all. And right now, while it’s still a little cooler here, capris are my go-to pants.  When it comes to socks, I’m not fancy.  I love Target’s $1.50 socks that come in lots of fun patterns and designs.  They feel like a treat for my feet.  These buffalo ones are my current favorites.  I might buy cheap socks, but my shoes are a priority.  My brother convinced me to try Adidas Boost shoes and I don’t think there is anyway I can go back to regular running shoes.  I feel like I have pep in my step with these runners. My 37 year old knees and feet are happy I’m wearing these as well.

While I’m trying to drink a lot of water, I need a treat once in a while.  Coconut Water and Sparkling Water are always in the fridge these days.

I’ll be sharing bits pieces of my GET FIT journey on Instagram and Facebook.  Don’t worry I’m not becoming a fitness blogger, I’m just going to try to share some of the recipes, tips and tricks that are working for me.  I hope you’ll stick around.  Do you have any advice or help you can give me.  Can you relate to my situation at all?  Is your health the last thing you make time for?

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  1. Laurel Stavros

    I am with you! I eat healthy, non-processed but this second baby weight is not going away, I think I have to do something drastic and give up wine for a bit 😉 (my weakness)
    One thing that helps me stick to gym is only allowing myself to finish a podcast while there- Serial was great, lol, I really wanted to know what happened. Good luck Jeran! Will be following along and cheering you on!

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