Modern Meets Vintage Living Room

If you’ve been following O + P long enough, you will remember my living room before and also before the before.  Well, it was time for another update.  Our sofa had seen better days.  So, with a new sofa, a new rug and an old chair (that finally got fixed), we have a brand new space.

When you open the front door to our tiny 1920’s home, you walk directly into the living room.  This is the room where first impressions are made.  I think the room feels grown up and sophisticated, but still playful and hopefully young.  We really do most of our living in this room, so the pieces need to be comfy, yet durable with 3 kiddos and a kitty.

We did a lot of online shopping looking for the right one.  Bakersfield can be a bit of a small town when it comes to furniture shopping, so I decided I needed to use the convenience of the web and save myself a trip to LA.  I’m a huge fan of AllModern, so it’s the first place I looked.  When you shop AllModern, your don’t have to weed through the 100s of overstuffed and floral sofas out there, they only sell the good stuff.  Now, some of you a probably think “modern” is not your look, too cold and stark.  But, it doesn’t have to be.  I love mixing modern pieces with vintage finds for a comfortable look and feel.  So, when we found this Dwell Studio Sofa, I knew it’s classic tufted shape would compliment my mix matched thrifted treasures, like my credenza and butterfly chair.

Sticking with my favorite neutral, grey, I decided to add a little color with pillows, a gold pouf and this gorgeous pink wire basket

Green is my usual go-to accent color, but I’m trying out pink for a change.

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So, what do you think of the updates?  The space really feels like it fits my style more then it every has before.  Would you be brave enough to order a sofa online?  I have no regrets, our new sofa is even better then we imagined.

This post is sponsored by AllModern, but all my thoughts and opinions are my own.  Thanks for supporting the companies that help make this blog possible.    

10 thoughts on “Modern Meets Vintage Living Room

  1. Laurel Stavros

    Jeran, this room is sooooo gorgeous! I especially love that pink basket and the couch. We are redoing our living room and this space is so inspiring, just beautiful!!

  2. Julia Fain

    Its gorgeous Jeran, I especially like the curves on the back of the couch. Ours is "out" too (not against the wall) and we've been trying to figure out a design for it. Good inspiration!

  3. Colleen

    I love love love it! I keep telling myself that I need to get my living room more livable, you've done such a wonderful job of it!

  4. Erin @ Suburban Bitches

    Looks fabulous! Quick question about the couch- what is the name of it? When I click the link it just takes me to all the Dwell Studio couches and I don't see one that has the same curved back as yours. Thanks!

  5. Alison Guan

    I love the look of your rug – but I wonder, how have you found it holds up? I've got a dog & two boys and am looking for a rug that wears well… would love to hear your experience with this one, 6 months later!

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