Design Sponge Home Tour

If you follow me on Instagram, I shared yesterday that our little home is on Design Sponge! I’m a sucker for a Home Tour, so it’s fun to have our home photographed and ready to share. It feels like a huge accomplishment for me, because I shot and edited all the images. I’m not a professional photographer, so this was a huge job for me. Shooting pics of my kids, a DIY, or a recipe are a totally different game, and I have a little confidence there. Playing with the uneven light and angles of rooms is not an easy task. But, I love a challenge and I feel like this particular challenge pushed me to learn and play with new skills.

Here’s a few of my favorite shots, but you can check out the full Home Tour HERE.

Is there a creative skill or technique you’d like to take on? Or is the task or job that seems bigger then you can handle?

One thought on “Design Sponge Home Tour

  1. AnnaLynne Martineau

    Yesterday I was browsing through Pinterest when I saw that picture looking through your archway into your dinning room from DS and I thought, wow, that looks like Jaren's/the OAP ladies house, haha. When I clicked on the link and saw that really was your house it made me so happy. Beautiful work! 🙂

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