Gorgeous Green Chairs

Do you ever find yourself looking at the same thing online and in stores?  For me it’s green chairs. Do I need anymore chairs in my life, absolutely not.  But, if by chance I find myself needing a new chair, it will definitely be a green one.  Chairs and stools are a great place to play with color.  Big furniture pieces like sofas and tables should be neutral and timeless.  But, I think a playful chair or two is always a good idea.  
Here’s a few of my current favorites.  The gorgeous leather swivel chair from West Elm screams 1990’s to me. This forest green was my jam. I’m so glad this color is back.  The clear green lucite is pretty fabulous. So sleek, this chair would make any space feel instantly modern.  And can you really have too many stools? I’m a sucker for mixing wood and painted pieces, The Land of Nod geometric stool would look great in any room in my house.  
So, what color are you drawn too when shopping for pieces for your home? Can you relate to my chair obsession, or is yours for pillows or bowls or something else?

2 thoughts on “Gorgeous Green Chairs

  1. Amanda Scott

    I've been drawn to really feminine colors like blush and light aqua/mint/seafoam lately – I think it's design backlash because both my wardrobe and apartment are pretty gender neutral. I've been working on my office/guest room so I incorporated some feminine touches there to get it out of my system. It's pretty much done but I'm still drooling over Target's new 'rose quartz' home line!
    I'm also obsessed with chairs – I kind of hoard them. The thrift kind, the kind left in alleys. ya know. It's not a problem.

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