Instagram Q + A – Casual Cottage Master Bedroom

A couple of weeks ago, I had a little Q + A over on Instagram. I love helping folks solve design and decorating dilemmas, so I said “ask away”. I chose 3 of the questions to answer in a little more depth.
Ashlee’s Master Bedroom is the first room I’m going to try to offer some assistance with. Here’s what Ashlee had to say about the space:
“We live in an old cottage, with small rooms and every single wall in our bedroom has a window, door, etc. The longest wall hosts out bed, but it has an off-center window right behind our headboard. I have struggle for 5 years with either hiding it and making it seem like it’s not there or embracing it and balancing the off-settness with art or something.” (You can see pics of the room below.)
We chatted I bit about colors and existing furniture. She likes orange, coral, teal-blue and navy. Her bedding is a nice solid grey and the walls have just been painted a pale grey as well. And she isn’t attached to the furniture or lamps at all.
casual cottage master bedroom
  1. Terracotta Vase
  2. Coral Vase
  3. Retro Blue Vase
  4. Asymmetrical Mirror Set
  5. Mid century Headboard
  6. Black Nightstand
  7. Wall Lamp
  8. Black and Gold Lamp
  9. Ikat Pillow
  10. Lattice Pillow
  11. Navy Squares Pillow
  12. Peach and Orange Striped Throw
  13. Mid century Nightstand
Here’s what I suggest for this space:
1. I think you have to embrace the asymmetrical window situation.  I think there are a couple things that could be done to help achieve a bit more balance.  First, I suggest the funky pair of mirrors hung over the bed to the left of the window.  I also think in small rooms, you need to let in as much natural light as possible. A lower profile, slatted headboard would feel less bulky and not block the window as much. I am in LOVE with this mid-century headboard from Target, you guys, it’s only $100!!! And losing a foot board will make the space feel a lot more open.
2. It’s not going to be a symmetrical room, so let’s not be matchy-matchy.  I love mismatched nightstands and lamps. They make a room feel a lot more casual and collected over time. This also gives you a chance to do something a little more feminine on on side and masculine on the other. Mixing wood and painted pieces is totally fine, I give you permission!
3. You know I love grey, but let’s also have some fun with colorful, patterned accent pieces. Different shades of orange and navy blue are always going to be a hit. Anytime you can play with complimentary colors, bland will never occur.
Do you have any other suggestions for Ashlee to help her solve her wonky window situation?
I’d love to hear.  Stay tuned.  I’ve got a couple more Q + A rooms I’m going to tackle.

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  1. Allyson L. Swen

    I have been trying to text for hours about the newness! It looks so good and love the new header… Super streamline and you. Overall, it’s awesome. Congrats.


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