Modern Black and Gold Easter Egg Treats

black and gold eggs 3 black and gold eggs 4Well, Easter is just about here and we are enjoying Spring Break vacation with a trip to Washington DC. We just arrived this afternoon and we are excited to see the sites and enjoy some quality time together as a family. The kids have never been, so they are excited to check out all the museums and monuments. We need to find a church to attend on Easter Sunday while we are here. It does feel a little weird to be missing our church family for Easter, so I whipped up some super easy Easter treats for all the ladies of my small group.  black and gold eggs 2black and gold eggs 1black and gold eggs 5I’ve had a lot of projects in the works, so this Spring I just haven’t had time for a lot of cute seasonal crafting. But, I had this idea in the back of my head for weeks and knew I wanted to quickly make these for my friends.

I bought a bag of pastel and gold plastic Easter eggs at Target and gave them a sophisticated, grown-up makeover.  I sprayed the pastel half of the eggs with flat black spray paint and then cut simple egg shapes pieces of card stock.  I attached cute, costume jewelry earrings to the card stock and filled each egg with a pair of earrings.  When you don’t want all the calories of chocolate, jewelry is the next best thing to receive as a gift.  black and gold eggs 6These would also look great displayed in a bowl on your dining room table.  If you are like me and tend to lean away from the bright and colorful and gravitate towards neutrals, these just might be the Easter decor you’ve been looking for.

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