The Weeks End

Good week, bad week – that’s how I feel about the last 7 days. I’m trying to focus on the good stuff mostly. Life is like that, It’s really just kind of as good as you make it, but the hard stuff really likes to take over our thoughts and feelings. 
I found these pretty flower pics on my camera, just some extra shots from the little heart shaped arrangement I shared a couple weeks ago. These blooms were just too pretty not to share again.

Here’s a few things you need to check out:

-Yep, PJ knows style! I want a couple things on her Wish List, especially those sunnies.

This is a fun hashtag project, you’re going to want to tag all your bright and color pics #colorblockingvibes

-If you haven’t already, you must check out Studio DIY’s wedding pics. So pretty!

-You had me a Baked Brie! You have to check out Sarah Heart’s latest video, Baked Brie Bites. She’s been making some awesome videos, be sure to check them all out!

-Maybe your tired of hearing about it, but if you haven’t already GO CHECK OUT Target’s new Pillowfort Kid’s Home Line. So many fun pieces.

-And last but not least, be sure to take a peek at The Crafted Life’s colorful Bedroom/Office makeover!

Have a great weekend friends! 

1 thought on “The Weeks End

  1. Spring B.

    That is my very favorite flower in my very favorite color. Thank you for sharing! I think I'm going to make it my phone wallpaper. 🙂 Praying you have peace and hope to cover the hard spots this week.


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