Add a Little Cactus to Your Decor

In the last couple of months I feel like I’ve kinda officially become a plant lady. I haven’t kill a plant in a really long time and even my fiddle leaf figs are super happy. After being in the desert a couple weeks ago, I really feel like a need to try to bring more cactus into my life. They worry me though, I can be an over-waterer. I might not be ready for these very low maintenance¬†plants.

They have such distinct, sculpture-like shapes that I’d love to bring to my decor. So, as a baby step towards owning a cactus, I’ve found some really great cactus illustrations that I’d happily live with. I think you are really going to love these as well.

cactus 1sourcecactus 2sourcecactus 4sourcecactus and pinksourceblack cactus illustrationsource

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