Black Interior Doors

Well, we’ve been itching for a change or to make a move, but just haven’t found the right place yet. So, I guess I’ll need to make the changes on the house I already have. Don’t get me wrong, I love me house, but a tiny bit more space would sure be nice.

I’m considering painting some interior door black. The problem is, if I paint one black, do I have to paint the all? I kind of think I have to. What do you think? I’m considering starting with the pocket door that is in between our laundry room and kitchen. If I start with a bedroom or bathroom door, then every door in the hallway will need to be painted. The other thing I worry about is creating a choppy feel to the eye. Our house is small and the rooms are small.  Would black doors just make is feel even smaller? I obviously am torn and have a lot of questions.  I hope you’ll weigh in.

But, black doors sure do look sharp, especially with white walls. Our doors are old and have a great shape and fun original door knobs. Black paint could really help them stand out. Here’s some pretty great examples, that just might convince you as well.

sourceblack door 1sourceblack door 2sourceblack door 3sourceblack door 4source




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