Oleander + Palm is Moving!

Yep, I’m moving. Well, my studio is moving, and not very far at all. I’m actually just moving to a much better space down the hall from where I’ve been.  But, I’m moving from less then 200 square feet to 650 square feet – YIPEEE!

If you follow me on snapchat (oleanderandpalm), this is all old news to you. Or if you subscribe to my newsletter, I have already blabbed on and on about this move. I got the keys on Tuesday and started painting yesterday. Today will be lots more painting.

Oleander + Palm studio office

This is my old studio.

I’m really excited for this new, bigger, better space! I’ve been in my old studio for a whole year now, and boy does time fly by when you are working hard. It was kind of a risk last year when I signed a year lease. But, it really turned out to be a smart move to make for my business. We live in a small house and I was tired of working from my dining room table and then having to clean it all up in order to eat dinner. Having a dedicated space also helped me work more efficiently. At home I had the distractions of laundry and dishes. But at the studio, I could just work on blog “stuff”. The studio, which I painted all bright white, also changed my photography for the better. The windows did have a tinting film on them though, so I was always having to correct the white balance on images.

But, then just 3 weeks ago, I decided not to re-sign my lease. I have been actively looking for a bigger space for months now, but just couldn’t find anything. So I told my landlord and decided that I’d just move everything into the garage until I could find something that was a better fit. And then less then a week later, my landlord called telling me that a bigger space with huge windows had just become available. I jumped on it!!! 650 square feet of light-filled space.  

The rent is higher then I thought I could afford, so I invited a couple of friends to share the space with me. They will be using it for photography and as headquarters for an Etsy store. Blogging can be quite lonely, so I’m really excited to be have a space where I can work alongside other creatives.

studio 1 Theses are kind of terrible iphone images.  But, here’s a sneak peak at the new space. The walls are a light grey, which isn’t terrible at all, but they will all be white very soon. There’s nothing like taking pictures in an all white room! It makes all the difference. The ceilings are high, which makes the room feel even 2 studio 3

If you are local, keep your ear out for upcoming events and craft workshops. This is going to be a fun place to gather people.

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