Poolside Essentials

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Now on to today’s post, I think I’m posting this round up because really I just want to be sitting poolside this Monday morning. Last week, I was lucky enough to get a few hours by the pool in Palm Springs. I’m a water lover. Give me a pool or a beach and I’ll be wet.  I’m not afraid to get in and get my hair wet. But, I am a redhead, so I have to be smart about all that time in the sun. So, I’m always lathering on sunscreen and my big straw hat is perfect for shading not only my face, but also my shoulders.

This week I bought a high waisted bikini at Target!!! EEEK, you guys, I haven’t worn a 2 piece since pre-babies (that’s like 15 years ago). All the stretch marks have kept me in tankinis and one pieces. But, this last week I decided to try out the high waisted look, and I love it! My body is far from perfect, but the older I get, the more comfortable I get in my skin. Often I think, “Well, those would be cute on a skinny person, they aren’t made for curvy girls like me.”  And then I decided, what the heck, all the cute styles can’t just be for the skinny folk.  So, now I’ve worn a bikini in public and high waisted cropped flare jeans as well. Things are getting crazy friends.

poolside essentials

  1. Round Towel
  2. Round Sunglasses
  3. Straw Hat
  4. Rose Facial Spray
  5. Sun Lotion
  6. Water Bottle
  7. Black Bikini Top
  8. Striped High Waisted Bottoms
  9. White Plastic Birks

That stretch between Spring Break and Summer can feel like forever. So, let’s just dream about a lazy day poolside. Maybe a fancy drink in hand and a good book or magazine to flip through.

The round towel is pretty amazing.  Not only will it make a great picnic blanket for the beach, it’s big enough to wrap your whole body in.  And I can’t get enough of the Rose Facial Spray. Midday, when I’m feeling tired and need a perk up, a couple sprays on my face and neck totally do the trick.

Beach, pool, lake, river, what’s your first choice for a swim?

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