The Week’s End

Another week has come and gone and sheesh was this a jam packed one! Monday was spent all day painting the studio (which is almost done!). Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday involved a lot of styling and taking pictures.  I love opportunities that allow me to create and capture. Photography has long been a love of mine, so any chance I can work on improving my skills behind the camera and in the editing room, I’m happy to have. There’s so much I don’t know and sometimes I wish I had time to take a few more photography classes to improve me skills.

And……. all week long I’ve been battling super sensitive, and irritated skin (I over share on snapchat if you are interested – I’m oleanderandpalm there). But, I’m doing a treatment to take care of a bunch of pre-cancerous spots on my skin. I’ve been treating my forehead, temples and chest. This treatment has taken me down this week. It’s really quite painful and not to mention super ugly. The doctor warned me that it would probably give me flu-like symptoms and I’m pretty sure it has. I’ve tried to stay hidden in my house, but it’s not always possible. I feel like I have to explain to everyone why I look so terrible, it’s been a humbling experience that for sure. Anyways, enough about that.

But, the weekend is here! And I couldn’t be happier. I need a morning to sleep in (past 7 am preferably). But, the in-laws are coming next week, so I’m sure this weekend will involve quite a bit of cleaning. I hope you have some fun weekend plans to look forward to.

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ice cream against mint wall

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Happy Friday Friends!

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