Mini Grad Bouquets

DIY mini grad bouquets with printable "congrats" paper wrap

We are smack in the middle of Grad season. I love the idea of gifting fresh flowers to graduates, it feels special.  But, it can really get pricey.  So, I’ve made some adorable mini grad bouquets with printable “congrats” paper wraps.  I spent very little on these flowers and actually most of them were from my yard.  And I’m pretty sure any grad would be happy to receive these after receiving their diploma.

mini grad bouquet mini grad bouquets

You can download the free printable paper wraps in black and white. Simply cut out the two squares of paper and glue or tape them back to back.  Then tie up a mini bouquet of a few flowers and wrap them in the “congrats” paper.

grad bouquets DIY mini grad bouquets with printable paper wrap _grad bouquet 6

I hope you had a great long weekend.  I spent mine making and working on a whole bunch of projects. I’m really excited to share a whole bunch of fun new DIYs for you. So stay tuned.

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