The Laundry Room Plan

Let’s talk priorities and real life design. Ya, I’d love to fix a lot of things about my house. Heck, some of them aren’t even for aesthetic or design at all.  Like my windows, they are super inefficient and let all the cold or hot air in. They are almost 100 years old and so most of them don’t even open anymore. But, the budget hasn’t allowed for them to be replaced. And that’s ok, when you live in an old house, you have to be ok with imperfections. It’s all part of the charm.

Now, if you’ve been hanging out with me for a while now, you know that I REALLY want to finally finish my laundry room. It’s been sitting unfinished for 6 years now! Yes, the washing machine and dryer are in there and they work great, but the room is far from done. There’s a broken cabinet that stores all our junk. Really we put it in there 6 years ago as a “temporary” fix, but now after 6 years, this is starting to feel a little too permanent. We also have all the plumbing in place for a sink and baseboards have never been installed. Yep, my home is definitely far from perfect. downy ball

  1. Dust Pan
  2. Wooden Broom
  3. Ironing Board Cover
  4. Downy Ball
  5. Brass Hangers
  6. Laundry Sorter
  7. Striped Light
  8. Dark Cabinets
  9. Brass Drawer Pulls
  10. Wind Chime
  11. Diamond Rug

So, here’s my plan. My washer and dryer work really well. You guys, I’ve got 3 kids, I KNOW laundry all too well! And with the Downy Ball, I’m going to keep loving these machines for a few more years. While I’m not buying new, fancy High Efficiency appliances, I’m going to spend the little extra money I have on making my laundry room a fabulous space.

_downy ball 6I love using this Downy Ball with my loads. There is really nothing better then a soft fluffy towel, wouldn’t you agree? You just fill this bad boy up and it automatically dispenses in the the rinse cycle. It’s a no brainer._downy ball 1_downy ball 5Yep, we are going to finally install some cabinets, a sink and get this room in order! Eeeeek, I can’t wait. Black cabinets and brass hardware is definitely a must. I can’t wait to show you more._downy ball 4_downy ball 3_downy ball 2And this cute little girl is always my assistant and right hand women. She thought I should probably get a picture of her on top of the dryer as well. This shot is a keeper for sure. I’m a lucky mom, I get to do laundry for this fun kiddo.

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