Green Sofas

Do you want to come do a little window shopping with me? I’m falling asleep every night dreaming about all the fun things I can do in our new home (fingers crossed). It’s a lot bigger then our little bungalow and actually has space for two living/seating areas. Soooooo, another sofa might be in my future. Our grey sofa is still pure perfect and I feel like it is neutral and timeless. But, with a second sofa, I’m temped to go a little trendy and add a whole bunch of color. How much fun would it be to own a green sofa?

You know, red heads have to be near green, we shine in the presence of green. I really think a green sofa could make my house and myself look pretty great. Tee Hee.

Here’s a few good examples of green sofas done right. This first one, by CB2 is probably my favorite. I love it’s tight, boxy shape and how can I resist shiny brass legs? Plus is a nice subtle green that feels more earthy and less ‘out of the crayon box’.

green sofa 1sourcegreen sofa 2sourcegreen sofa 3sourcegreen sofa 4sourcegreen sofa 5source

green sofa 6source

If you were to add a colored sofa to your home, what color would it be?  Navy, yellow, pink? Or do you play it safe with neutrals? Which is very smart, but maybe not as FUN!!!!!

And there’s still the option of a gorgeous camel colored leather sofa. Yes, very much a neutral, but such a sophisticated one.

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