The Week’s End – Happy National Donut Day!

Well, we made it to another Friday. This one felt like it would never come. Today is the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! End of the school year is so crazy. So many events to attend and everyone is just plain pooped. But, we are on the home stretch.

We are still super busy with selling and buying houses, well just selling one and buying one. It’s amazing how much paper work and stress is involved in the process. I’m sure happy this is only the second time we’ve bought a house ever.  Today we get to go over the home inspection of the house we are buying. I’m hopeful that there won’t be anything big to fix and I’m just excited to be in the house again. I drive by it multiple times per day, but it really is on my way to anywhere. My kids call me a creeper, because I slow way down so that I can get a good look at the place each time we pass. We are so excited!!!!

Now to celebrate this Friday, be sure to include a donut or a dozen in your day. It’s National Donut Day and I’ve found some fun donut recipes for you. If today wasn’t so crazy, I’d be making donuts for sure (probably these Chocolate Chipotle Cake Donuts). It’s a messy, but totally satisfying job. And also a guaranteed way to make friends.

Baked Matcha Green Tea DoughnutsMatcha Glazedblood-orange-donuts-4-2Blood Orange glazed_doughnuts_2Pretty PastelsRaspberry Ripple Doughnuts - Golden brown, sugar dusted and served slightly warm - filled with raspberry jam and sweetened cream. Irresistible!Raspberry RippleStriped-Donuts4-600x900Striped DonutsOreoDonuts-3-683x1024Oreo DonutsVanilla-Bean-Donuts-with-Blueberry-Glaze-15-600x902Blueberry GlazedKey Lime DonutKey Lime

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