Moving Essentials – Inexpensive Online Sources

Well, we are definitely in up to our eyeballs in packing up our house right now. It’s not an easy job, but I have kind of enjoyed the process. I love going through closets and drawers and organizing things. Packing and sorting has allowed me to purge and get rid a lot of things. Somehow I’ve ended up collecting so much stuff, even though we live in a small house. I’m sure when we move in, I’ll get rid of even more.

As we pack, I’ve been making note of the supplies we’ve been using. I decided I’d make a list of online sources for the essentials for moving and packing. Instead of running all over town for what’s need to pack and move, I’ve hunted down Amazon Prime sources to save myself (and maybe you) time and money.

Inexpensive online sources for moving and packing supplies.

  1. Medium Moving Boxes
  2. Bubble Wrap
  3. Packing Tape
  4. Moving Labels
  5. Packing Paper
  6. Plastic Packing Wrap
  7. Permanent Marker
  8. Padded China/Dish Storage

I’m all for free boxes. Definitely hit your grocery store and even liquor store for wine boxes. We were lucky and were given a bunch from some friends that just moved. But, for some of our more valuable stuff, a good sturdy, clean box seemed like a good idea. I also suggest checking Craig’s List for moving boxes. Often folks will post them there for free.

I’m also a huge fan of the Padded China/Dinnerware Storage Containers. I’ve had a set for many years now and they make packing and storing my dishes so much easier. These inexpensive packages are really a great investment.

Labels are important! Who knows how long it will be till you can get every box unpacked. I recommend making as detailed a list as possible on the outside of the box. And be sure to label which room the boxes are for. These color coded labels make it that mush easier to quickly see which room the box is intended for. Even if you are doing the moving yourself, it will make the job so much faster.

And finally, I LOVE the Plastic Packing Wrap. When I package up art and frames to move, I wrapped them in bubble wrap and then hold it all together with the plastic wrap.  It works so much better then packing tape and it’s much easier to remove.  It also works really great to hold moving blankets and padding onto furniture.

Anyways, whether you wanted it or not, there’s my 2 cents worth on packing up a house. And for a little update, we have been in escrow for 45 days now.  Ya, that’s a long time, or at least it feels like a really long time to be waiting and wondering if everything is going to come together and work out. To make a very long boring story short, we are hoping to finally hear something today. We have been waiting all this time for an appraisal.  Sure hoping to close this week, especially since my parents and brother are coming to town to help us.

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