Mustard Yellow Accents

As I start to think about moving into a new house, I wonder how much a different space will change my style. I know I am still very much drawn to specific colors – green, grey, black and white and pale pinks. But, I’m thinking about other colors that could potentially make their way into my palette.

Golden and even mustard yellows are colors I’ve played with in the past. At one time, even my kitchen was painted a warm gold-yellow. I’m not ready for a bright cheerful lemon or sunshiney yellow yet, I want a shade that’s a little more moody. I definitely love all things brass (like my new brass tray), and really aren’t these golden, mustardy yellows a very similar color. With all the greys, greens, and black and whites in my home, I feel like a little touch of gold or even yellow warms up my very cool palette. This shade of yellow also has a very 70s, retro vibe to it, which is probably why I love it so much.

I know we are far from the early 2000’s, and you know I want nothing to do with any sort of style that resembles “Tuscan” or “French County”. But, I think I found some fun, modern ways to add a splash of yellow, without feeling too cutesy or country.

Gold/Yellow Drapes and Pink Flooringsource

How great is this golden yellow paired with pink? It’s a pretty happy combination as far as I’m concerned. Paper and Stitch Yellow Sofasource

Emily-Henderson_Fig-House-8sourceCortney-Bishop-Design_The-Flats-at-Mixson_4.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.616.411sourceYellow detailssourceGold ChairsourceGold Yellow BathtubsourceMustard Yellow PillowssourceGold RadiatorsourceYellow Gold Dining Chairs


Your turn? What do you think about mustard or gold yellow? Is there another color are you wanting to add splashes of to your home?

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