The Week’s End

I’m feeling a little overwhelmed and just plain sad for our world. It seems that everyday there is another new senseless tragedy on the news. I feel helpless and just silly worrying about my tiny little problems and struggles in life. I really have nothing to complain about.  I am so blessed. Right now all I can do is pray for peace and pray for all the folks who have been hurt and have experienced loss in a great way. Oleander + PalmBut, for a little update, here’s what’s going on with us moving. We made it to our close date yesterday and didn’t close on our new house.  Hopefully in the next week it will all come together. But, we kind of don’t know what to do with ourselves now. We had been ready to move and now we just have to wait for another week or so. My parents and brother even came this week to help us and now we have nothing to do. We are living with lot’s of boxes piled in every room in our house, so that’s getting a little old.

But, really I should be happy that moving isn’t on my plate this week as well, because there really is a lot going on.

If you are in Bakersfield, we can hang out this week:

Here’s some fun stuff on the internet this week that you really should check out:

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