Goodbye Summer

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I’m going to warn you right away – today’s post has way too many pics of Olivia, my youngest in the most adorable clothes from Janie and Jack! I just couldn’t help myself. I use my camera everyday, but lately I feel like it’s just for food, DIY and interior photography. And while that is my job, I don’t want to miss capturing some of the milestones in my kid’s lives as well. And really, taking pictures is one of most favorite creative things to do.

I really don’t think parents ever look back and say, well darn we took way too many pictures. I know all too well that they grow up way too fast. I can’t believe Denali, my oldest, is in the 10th grade. So, I wanted to capture the end of our Summer and Olivia at the fun age. She started TK this week (it’s Transitional Kindergarten, a California thing). That means she goes to school everyday!

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To celebrate the end of Summer and her new school adventure, Olivia and I got dressed up and we went downtown for a little date. We went out for her favorite treat – Macarons from De Coeur Bake Shop. Olivia asks for these special sweets many times a week. Usually it sounds something like this, “Mom, sometime we should go have Macarons.” She’s just throwing that out as an idea or a suggestion. So this week I indulged her request and surprised her with her favorite cookies. _janie and jack olivia 9

I’ve always been a fan of Olivia wearing black and white. Maybe it’s because she is such a toe head. For her first year, I took monthly pics of her in a black and white polka dot shirt. Janie and Jack sent us the most adorable mix and match black and white combinations. Janie and Jack clothes instantly turn life’s smallest moments into ones to treasure. I’m so glad I have all these fun pictures of Olivia at this stage in her life.

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Olivia is a spunky, energetic, outgoing kid. She keeps us busy and bring so much joy to our family.

_janie and jack olivia 1 _janie and jack olivia 2 _janie and jack olivia 5 _janie and jack olivia 6

Here’s what Olivia is wearing:

_janie and jack olivia 12_janie and jack olivia 7 _janie and jack olivia 14 _janie and jack olivia 15

_janie and jack olivia 10 _janie and jack olivia 11

Now, I challenge you to go document your life! Take sometime today to take pictures of your kids, your pets, your friends. You’ll be glad you did.

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3 thoughts on “Goodbye Summer

  1. Myrna

    The most adorable!!!! Janie and Jack sure picked a great model for their beautiful clothes! Amazing pics!!!Love! love!

  2. Karla

    Oh my! These are adorable but mainly because Olivia is so dang cute! The clothes look fabulous on her, wish I could wear Jack and Jill clothes! And the photographer isn’t too shabby either! I can’t believe how big your sweet baby is 💜


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