Round Mirrors for Every Room

Lately I’ve been loving round mirrors. This simple organic shape is the perfect accessory to break up a boxy wall or room. Loon around your home, chances are most of the things on your walls are squares and rectangles. Why not throw another shape into the mix. Over sinks, in entryways, over dressers, in gallery walls, round mirrors just look great everywhere.

I decide to hunt out some good sized, modern and even reasonably priced round mirrors. And I found some really great options. Round is a shape that’s going to work with any style. Your probably going to want to add a round mirror to a room in your home. I’ve listed the width and price of each mirror for easy reference.

Online sources for stylish round mirrors.

row 1 : Rope Hanger // Dark Acacia Wood // Natural Wood

row 2: Wood Barrel Frame // Copper Frame // Tapered Edge Frame

row 3: Thin Brass Frame // Silver Leaf // Wood and White Frame

row 4: Rose Gold Frame // Black Metal Frame // Thin Bronze Frame

I recently bought a huge (like 4 feet wide) round mirror for our new house.  It will be hung as soon as a strip off the 2-stories of wallpaper in our stairway.  If you want to help, I make a mean iced coffee and I always have treats on hand.

Is there one that catches your eye? I love the wood and white frame. That combo always gets me and the price is so good. I might use this mirror in one of my bathrooms.

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