Blush + Camel

Color is sure fun! Why haven’t I noticed this perfect combo before? Sometimes I just get on a kick when I notice a combination that just works really well together. And then I start pinning and searching down inspiration and before you know it I want re-do a whole room (or at least change all the pillows on my sofa).

Maybe it is the change in season, but I’ve been loving this warm camel color. It’s somewhere between brown and yellow and it feels warm and cozy. It also has this fun vintage vibe to it, probably a 70’s look and feel that I love. And blush – well I still love all these soft, subtle shades of pink.

Blush + Camel - a color combo to crush on.

shapes print // dusty pink plate // velvet arrow stitched pillow

camel tealight holder // woven cross pillow // camel paisley sheets

triangle pillow // camel serving bowl // blush arrowhead pillow

peach quilted pillow // blush linen pillow // round camel pillow

blush planter // pink leather pillow // blush folds pillow

Ok, now let’s observe blush + camel living together in the wild. I’ve got a few examples that are going to make you want to scheme up a plan to make this color combo a part of your life right away! This is such a pretty pairing.

sourcespring home tour bliss at homesource


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