5 Home Keepsakes to Take When You Move

Leaving a home, even if you are moving to a better one, is not easy. Years of memories made within those walls can be hard to leave. When we sold our house, I definitely felt a little sad. We had 13 years of real life lived in that little house.  So many sweet memories, milestones, celebrations and hardships all lived out in those 1500 square feet.

I decided I wanted to make sure I made a few small mementos from our first home, so that I could take them with us to our new home. Today I’m sharing 5 ways to create a keepsake of a home.

House Portrait by MintedHouse Mementos

1. Frame a picture of your house, or even better have a custom, letterpress print made of your home. This gorgeous framed print with our home address, and the years we lived in it, is from Minted. I chose to do my Custom Letterpress House Art in a dark charcoal grey and had it frame in a matte brass. These are a great house warming gift as well, last year I had two friends buy their first homes, so I gave them each a print of their new homes.

Key keepsake box.

2. Personalize a little keepsake box with the key to your home. I glued our front door key to a little wood and marble box. Now when I see it on a shelf, I’m instantly taken but to our first home. It’s a subtle touch, but I nice reminder of a place we truly loved.

Key keepsake box. House Portrait by Minted

3. Bring along a favorite plant from your yard. We spent a lot of time in our yard, so I potted a little succulent from one of the flower beds. I also added our house numbers to the side of the pot, for a fun little detail. I used an old school label make and just stuck the adhesive numbers to pot.

DIY keepsake from your home to take with you when you move. DIY keepsakes of your home to take with you when you move.

4. Have family pictures taken in your home. Forget the park or a studio this year, and have a photographer come to your home and take candid pictures of your family in your own space.

DIY Keepsakes from your home to take with you when you move.

5. A Custom Map Art piece of your old neighborhood can be a fun memento to take to your new home. Minted has options in gold foil, letterpress and all your favorite colors.

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