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Wild + Free Birthday Party

Wild and Free 5th Birthday Party

This last weekend we celebrated Olivia’s 5th birthday.  How is my baby 5? She’s a wild women and definitely has a free spirit, so I chose a sweet, boho camping themed party for her and called it Wild & Free. I’ll take any excuse to set up a teepee and play with flowers.

Wild & Free Boho Camping Birthday Party Dessert Table

I put my Cricut machine to work for this party. I cut 3D paper flowers, gold feathers for the paper cups and “Wild & Free” lettering for the little banner hanging on the teepee and also for the sign above the dessert table.

3D Paper Flowers


I was lucky to have my super talented mom in town the week before the party. She makes AMAZING cakes. She made the most adorable birch bark log cake with handmade sugar paste flowers for Olivia. I actually would have loved to have had this for my wedding cake. It turned out so cute.

Birch bark birthday cake with sugar past flowers. Wild & Free 5th Birthday Party

I think I’ve decided fresh flowers are so much better then balloons when it comes to decorating for a little girl’s party.  I played with some really fun colors and textures to create some wild and free arrangements. (House of Flowers, my local florist sourced all the gorgeous blooms and foliage for me.)

Peach and Pink Fall FloralsWild and Free Boho Teepee

Buffalo Check and Pink Flowers

I’m a huge fan of renting kid-sized tables and chairs for parties. Number 1 – they are stinkin adorable and number 2 – kids are more likely to actually sit down and eat in one spot (I’m always trying to reduce the mess situation).

Wild & Free Boho Camping Party Wild and Free Boho Camping Themed Birthday Party.Wild and Free Boho Camping Themed Birthday PartyWild and Free Birthday PartyArrow CookiesPeach and Pink Florals

This might be the cutest pinata I’ve ever made. And I’ve made a lot (between my 3 kids, I’ve thrown almost 30 themed birthday parties). I took a square box and cut down the sides to triangles and then taped them together. Then I fringed the whole thing and added simple gold triangles and a few paper flowers.

Teepee PinataWild and Free Birthday Party Olivia is 5

I kept the food pretty simple. On the dessert table we had cake, arrow sugar cookies, fruit skewers with arrowheads and the sweetest little macarons from De Coeur Bakeshop (they are Olivia’s all time favorite treat). And then I also made 3 different savory hand pies and a big veggies and dip tray. I made Buffalo Chicken and Blue Cheese, Creamy Chicken Taco, and Ham and Cheese (for the picky eaters) hand pies.

Painted Macarons

As part of their take-home treat, I set up a trail mix station. Guests could fill little baggies with all their favorite ingredients.

We also played “pass the parcel” and every decorated their own arrows and birch branch walking stick with feathers, yarn, and paint pens.

It was a really fun party. Often, by the time the party arrives, I’m just too tired to enjoy it. But, everyone was very relaxed and 5 year old really can entertain themselves quite well. So, I got to sit back and enjoy the festivities.

Trail mix station.


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  1. Marlene @ Idle Hands Awake

    Um, you’re hired! I don’t even know for what, but whatever my next special occasion is I want you to decorate it. You can bring your mom and her beautiful cakes too. 😉 Seriously, everything is stunning! And so glad you got to enjoy the party too! Happy birthday, wild and free Olivia! xoxo


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