The Week’s End

The busiest time of year is just about to begin.  Are you ready?  I’m not sure if I am. But, ready or not, it’s happening. We are excited to be celebrating Thanksgiving here in our new home this year. Lonnie’s family is coming to town, so we will have a very full house, and that’s fun.Black BuildingI had hoped to have had the dining room and living room both painted before the holidays. So far, the dining room is almost primed. Once I’m finished writing this post I’m going to put in a couple hours of painting. And then when my mother-in-law arrives, I’m hoping to put her to work as well. Until I get these two rooms painted. I’m really not ready to hang anything on the walls or make any other furniture decisions. With just primer on the walls, the dining room is already feeling lighter and brighter.

For your weekend reading, here’s a few things you might like to check out:

Have a great weekend and be productive or lazy, whichever makes you happy.


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