DIY Touch of Gold Modern Wreaths

DIY Touch of Gold Wintery Greens Wreaths

I’m still decking the halls, or at least trying to. This has been such a frazzled holiday season for me. And like usual, I had all these hopes and expectations of what Christmas would look like in our new home. This is one of the first years that we haven’t had to travel for the holidays, so I had imaged all these wonderful memories being made in our new home. But, instead, it kind of doesn’t feel like Christmas at all. Ya sure, we have a tree. But, I’m just running from task to task and feeling like I’m actually not accomplishing anything at all. I had hoped to throw a big holiday open house – nope, that didn’t happen. I wanted to have all sorts of cookies baked by now – nope, just one dozen in the freezer. I was really wanting to spend some time making our new mantle look off-the-hook Christmasy – nope, it’s just a bunch of random things that really don’t go together. And I could complain some more, but I won’t. This morning I decided I can’t wish for the what-ifs and all the things that haven’t happened, instead I’m choosing JOY! I know the real reason for the season and I have a lot to be grateful for. I determined to make the most of what’s left of this Christmas season. Yes, I still have lots of work to do, but I’m just going to try to power through it the next couple of days and focus on all the good things in my life. And tonight, I’m going to bake some cookies, even if it’s at 2:00 AM. I don’t know, can you relate? I don’t want to be disappointed this Christmas, I want my family to have fun memories this year.

DIY Wintery Green WreathsDIY Gold Wintery Green Wreath

So, even though my to-do this is super long, and I really should be sanding floors or something more productive. I decided to take some time this weekend to make some modern wreaths to hang in our windows. And because it’s the holidays, a little gold is always a good idea. Last year, I friend and I made about a dozen wreaths similar to these with eucalyptus we foraged from our neighborhood. I’ve been wanting to make more this year, so I just did it and I’m super

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 16″ brass hoops
  • Design Master Gold Medal Spray Paint
  • Florist’s Wire
  • Winter Greenery (I bought a $4.99 bunch from Trader Joes to make all three wreaths)
  • Large Jingle Bells
  • Wire snips or heavy duty scissors

DIY Modern Winter Wreaths

Start by laying out branches to get a general idea of how you’d like the wreath to look. I kept mine all very sparse and kind of asymmetrical.

DIY Modern Winter Wreaths

Begin wiring on the branches. Try to tuck the wire in under leaves and needles to hide it as you wrap up the branch.

DIY Modern Winter Wreaths

Layer on more branches as needed.

DIY Modern Winter Wreaths

Starting at the center point of the wreath and spray on a even thin coat of gold spray paint work out towards the ends of the branches. Leave the ends their natural green and feather out the paint so that there isn’t a harsh line where the gold paint ends.

DIY Modern Winter Wreaths

Design Master paints are perfect for jobs like this. This paint goes on in even, light coats that can be layered. It also dries super fast.

DIY Gold Winter Greenery Wreath DIY Gold Winter Greenery Wreath

Using a little more florist’s wire, wire on the jingle bells to cover the mess of visible wire in the center of the wreath.

DIY Modern Gold Winter Greenery Wreaths DIY Modern Gold Winter Greenery WreathsDIY Modern Gold Winter Greenery Be sure to check out the some of the other fun DIYs I’ve created using Design Master Spray Paint – 3 Tiered Hanging PlanterDIY Modern Decorative PlatesDIY Faux Copper VaseDIY Ombre Give Thanks BannerMetallic Dipped Taper CandlesDala Horse Salt Dough Ornaments, DIY Ombre Shoes and Laces and the Gold Dipped Yarn Hanging.

I buy my Design Master paints and my local Michaels. Design Master paints can paint the most delicate of surfaces, such as silk and fresh flowers, fabric, ribbon, tulle, lace, paper, foam board and Stryrofoam TO the sturdy hard surfaces such as wood, metal, masonry, terra cotta, ceramics and plaster. Design Master is a great resource for products and ideas.  Be sure to check out all the craft and project ideas on their blog.

This post is sponsored by Design Master, thank you for supporting the companies that help make this blog possible. 

DIY Gold Wintery Greens Wreath

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