The Guesthouse Bedroom Plan

I’m sorry for the radio silence last week. But, we are in up to our elbows in this Guesthouse project. I did A LOT of sanding and painting in the last week and a half. Today some of the tile is being installed and I’m absolutely giddy. I’ve been sharing lots of the behind-the-scenes over on my instagram stories. So, if you like awkward videos of me talking and seeing the mess that goes into a project like this, then feel free to follow along. I’ll share the tile process today. We hired a professional and I’m feeling really good about that. We try to DIY as much as possible. But, sometimes having someone who REALLY knows what they are doing and has all the right equipment and tools is a nice luxury.

The Oleander + Palm Guesthouse - the bedroom plan.

Today I wanted to share with you the plan for the Guesthouse bedroom. It’s going to be super cute. I’ve partnered with AllModern and this room is decked out with Scandinavian design and stylish modern and mid century pieces. I kept the palette very muted, but played with some fun geometric patterns and lots of texture. There is also a hint of pink to soften all those bold black and whites. I keep saying that I’m moving out there, and really, looking at these gorgeous pieces, I really think I should.

  1. Geometric Rug
  2. Pastel Pillow (similar)
  3. Wall Sconces
  4. Mustard Sheepskin Pillow
  5. Chandelier
  6. Vase Set
  7. Mid Century Bed
  8. Brass Chair
  9. Throw
  10. Wire Basket
  11. Woven Wall Art
  12. Metal Plant Stand
  13. Brass Planter

Even though the bathroom isn’t totally done, the hope is to have the bedroom set up by the end of this week for my parents to stay in. Fingers crossed and lots of coffee to be had. I’ll keep you posted on the progress.

The Oleander + Palm Guesthouse - the bedroom plan.

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