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Hayneedle Midcentury Bookcase and a Hallway Makeover

Slowly but surely there is less and less wallpaper in our house. This is a long, painfully messy process, but every time I see another room with crisp white walls I am sooooooo happy. The latest room I tackled was the upstairs hallway. It’s a great little space that needed a little personality.

If you’ve been following me for a while now, you know that I love vintage, and especially mid century furniture. So, when I came across this adorable mid century style bookcase at Hayneedle, I knew it would be a perfect fit for our home.

If you aren’t familiar with Hayneedle, then you are truly missing out. They have a huge selection of home furnishings, decor items, and almost everything you can think of for the inside and outside of the home.

I’ve teamed up with three other bloggers to share a styled bookcase from Hayneedle. Be sure to check out Love Your Abode, Wife in Progress, The Mountain View Cottage.

Here’s what I used in this space:

Hallway Makeover and an artificial fiddle leaf fig for a room that has no natural light.

I’ve tried a few times to keep a plant alive in this room, but with no natural light, it’s just impossible. So, believe it or not, this is an artificial fiddle leaf fig! Ya, they can look this good. I love the color and life plants bring to a space. And although I didn’t think I was an “fake” plant girl, I was easily convinced when this one arrived on my door step.

Hayneedle Midcentury Bookcase and a Hallway Makeover

So you can appreciate how awful the wallpaper was, here are some lovely “before” pics. Oh yes, there was a boarder as well. This yellow tone just felt aged and very dated.  Fresh white walls help make this space feel a lot brighter. With no natural light in this room, I needed to bounce as much light as possible.

Hallway Makeover Before Hallway Makeover Before

This part of the upstairs landing leads to the kid’s bathroom. So, a soft Moroccan rug runner felt like a must. Cold floors first thing in the morning can be a little rough. And this mostly white rug adds even more light to the space.

Hayneedle Midcentury Bookcase and a Hallway MakeoverArtificial Fiddle Leaf Fig Hayneedle Midcentury Bookcase and a Hallway Makeover

I kept the shelves kind of sparse and was super picky with the items I chose to display. I wanted to keep this space feeling light and airy. And in a couple weeks, I’ll probably change it up again. I like to rotate my favorite objects from room to room, it makes the whole space feel brand new.

Hayneedle Midcentury Bookcase and a Hallway MakeoverHayneedle Midcentury Bookcase and a Hallway Makeover

This post is sponsored by Hayneedle. Thank you for supporting the companies that help make this blog possible. 

2 thoughts on “Hallway Makeover

  1. Jenna at Wife in Progress

    You did such a nice job styling! I fell in love with the mid century style of that bookcase when I saw it but it wouldn’t work with what I’ve already got going on in my house – shame, because it’s a stunner! It looks so perfect in your hallway 🙂


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