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Spicy Carrot Tomato Gazpacho

I’ve been trying really hard to eat healthy since the beginning of this year. I finished a Whole 30 and I’m trying really hard to continue healthy. But, with a trip to NYC, that involved a lot of carbs, and family visiting, I’ve struggled. Life is like that I think, ups and downs and a lot of playing catch up.

Right now (after finishing a bowl of captain crunch), I’m back to eating clean and healthy. And this Spicy Carrot Tomato Gazpacho is far from boring. Food is so much more then just fuel for me, it has to taste good and be interesting. As the days get warmer, this easy cold soup will be a great lunch for me.

I photographed these as little individual appetizers. Now I need to host a party and serve this refreshing starter. Who wants to come?

Spicy Carrot Tomato Gazpacho

A couple months ago I shared a post about how my job is so much more then just Oleander + Palm. And one of the things I do is create, style and photograph recipes. This is one of those recipes. I created this easy soup with Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice Co (it’s really the best juice you guys). This is a really fun part of my job. It stretches my creatively and I really have grown to love food photography.

You can get the recipe HERE! Oh and there are a lot of great drink recipes over there as well, be sure to spend a little time checking out some of the yummy cocktails and mocktails.

Spicy Carrot Tomato Gazpacho Spicy Carrot Tomato Gazpacho

Have a great weekend friends. I’m excited to be home for a change. It sounds good to have a couple days to catch up around here.


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