Bathroom Art and 5 Tips to Keeping Your Bathroom Organized and Stylish


The bathroom might be the most under-styled room in the house. Would you agree? But, really everyday is started in this room. I am a firm believer that your surroundings can effect your mood. Waking up to disorganization and an uninspired space might be the wrong way to begin your day. Today I’m sharing some pretty bathroom art that might give you a little boost of encouragement (and yah, you can download all three pieces for FREE!). And I’ve also got some simple tips to help your keep your bathroom organized and stylish.


If you are going to love your bathroom, you might want to start with hanging something pretty on the walls. I recently spent time playing with my camera and some pretty Spring blooms. Then I framed these images as sleek, modern, acrylic prints at Mixbook. These prints are perfect for showing off crisp, detailed photographs. I also love these acrylic prints for the bathroom because they are frameless. There are no nooks and crannies where dust and moisture can collect. I chose to hang one on the walls and lean the other on a shelf. With easy to mount hardware, these are synch to hang.

If you like these prints, you can download them for free.

I also created a little print that says “You Look Great!”. I like the idea of this being small enough to fit into a medicine cabinet. It’s a nice little surprise with you open the cabinet to reach for your toothbrush. I printed this as a 4×6 photo print at Mixbook, which are only $0.15 each to print. I framed this little print in a inexpensive brass frame to add to the gold and brass accents in the bathroom.


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Once you get something pretty on the walls it’s time to get organized. Here are my 5 tips to keeping a organized and stylish bathroom:

1. TRAYS – I might own more then a couple trays. I think I use them in every room in my house. They are the perfect landing spot for odds and ends. Instead of loose items floating around on surfaces without a purpose, a tray gives these items a place to belong. In the bathroom, I keep a lot of my most-used toiletries out on the counter.

2. WHITE LINENS – I’ve decided that white towels are the only way to go. They really are easy to keep clean, unlike colorful or patterned towels, they can be bleached back to snowy white. White towels hung in a bathroom don’t clutter the space. For me, clutter creates chaos, so having white towels is one simple step to creating a little less chaos. Now don’t get me wrong, I love trendy, patterned towels. So, my exception to the white towel rule is that hand towels can be any color or pattern. These are the least expensive towel to replace, so why not?

3. ONLY PRETTY BOTTLES – Yep, it seams like a stupid rule, but it will help make for a prettier space. I’m not saying you can’t buy the budget or bulk soap (I definitely do) but if you do, transfer the product to pretty bottles. I did this in our shower years ago. I made simple 1-2-3 bottles and filled them with shampoo, conditioner and body wash. And then, if you have pretty bottles, put them on display. I don’t know about you, but clean branding and pretty packaging makes me happy. 
4. CONTAINERS – Jars, glasses, bowls, baskets – these are all your friends in the bathroom. Keeping like objects together is the best way for my kids to stay organized. Inside drawers and medicine cabinets I keep hair ties and clips within easy reach. I like using glasses and bowls for combs, make-up, toothbrushes and cotton buds. They can easily be cleaned by putting them through the dishwasher from time to time. If you buy bathroom specific items, often they can’t be washed in the dishwasher.

5 tips for keeping an organized and stylish bathroom

5. SILVERWARE TRAYS – Again, the kitchen section of the department store saves the day. Perfectly compartmentalized for make-up, medicine and all the unmentionables that are stored in the bathroom. I’m not a huge make-up girl. Yes, I need make-up to look somewhat presentable in public, but really I wear pretty much the same thing everyday. So one tray is plenty for me.

Be sure to take advantage of Mixbooks awesome discount code for O + P readers. There products are really high quality and I can’t recommend them enough. Remember the pretty Mocktail Calendar I made? Ya Mixbook does that as well.

Free Downloadable Art for You Bathroom

This post is sponsored by Mixbook, thank you for supporting the awesome companies that help make this blog possible. 

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  1. Charlotte Lindsay

    When choosing home decor for my bathroom I love to have prints, artwork, or photographs that are encouraging and inspiring. It really is a great way to start the day! I also enjoy keeping my bathroom decor mainly black and white I find it calming- perfect for a bathroom.


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