The 15 Best Neck Scarves For Any Outfit

As you are probably fully aware, I am not a style icon and fashion blogging is not my expertise. But, I do LOVE a cute outfit and feeling a somewhat on-trend and up-to-date. The neck scarf, bandanna, or neckerchief is one accessory I’ve been wearing quite consistently for over a year now. So, I’ve rounded up the 15 best neck scarves to any outfit for you today.

This trend is a throw back for me. Yes, I am that old. In the late 90’s (my college years) I could be found wearing a silk neck scarf from time to time. And last year, after some pre-cancerous sun damage treatments, I decided that wearing a scarf while hiking and enjoying the outdoors was a good idea. Tying a scarf around my neck helped protect both my neck and chest from the sun. Sometimes sunscreen just isn’t enough. And it turns out, bandannas are cute again.

So, a couple times a week I sport a little scarf around my neck. Sometimes I roll it up tight and tie the scarf off to one side and sometimes I just fold the scarf in half to make a big triangle and then tie it in the back. The pair with almost everything in my closet. Neck scarves look great with a denim shirt, a little dress and they pair well with other patterns and textures.The 15 BEST Neck Scarves for Any Outfit

  1. Army Green Bandanna
  2. Classic Red
  3. Blush and Burgundy
  4. Black Floral
  5. Peach Bandanna
  6. Colorful Floral
  7. Patchwork Bandanna
  8. Pretty Flowers
  9. Cream and Navy Bandanna
  10. Vintage Blue
  11. Peach and Ivory
  12. Tiny Dots on Black
  13. Bold Floral
  14. Pretty Peach
  15. Green Silk

If you recall, in the new year, I decided that we were going to try to go the whole year without buying any new clothes. So far, so good! I’ve taken Denali (my 15 year old) thrifting and she scored about 4 pairs of mom jeans that all her friends are jealous of. Olivia has grown a few inches since Christmas, so I ordered her 5 pairs of shorts from Thred Up.  I’m enjoying having a paired down wardrobe, but worry that it all my get kind of boring. So, a couple of new pairs of earrings have been purchased and I’m thinking a new neck scarf might also help to spice things up. This year is going to be a stretch. But, I think I’m up for the challenge.

Now, which neck scarf do I add to my collection? Do you have a favorite for these 15 I found? I probably need 1 or 15, every red head looks good in green. Number 14 seems pretty special, the colors feel super Spring-y.

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