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Whole 15 – Day 1

As you may no, this January I completed my 3rd Whole 30. On Monday I mentioned that I would be starting a Whole 15 on the 1st of March. So, here we are!  And I’m not sure if I’m mentally prepared, but I’m diving in. The thing with Whole 30 or any plan that involves you really thinking about what you are putting into your body, is that it takes time and effort. Meals have to be planned ahead and a lot of grocery shopping and cooking has to take place. There are very few shortcuts. So, to help you get started (if you want to join me), I’m sharing Day 1 of my Whole 15 and a whole bunch of great sources for good recipes.

Whole 15 - a 15 version of the popular Whole 30 Program

Day 1

Breakfast (as seen in the pictures)

  • Bullet Proof Coffee
  • Poached Eggs
  • Greens tossed with olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper
  • Roasted Beets



  • Baked Sweet Potato, rubbing in coconut oil and sea salt and then baked
  • Spinach, sautéed in garlic and ghee
  • Steak, grilled and thinly sliced


  • Apple and Almond Butter

Whole 15 - a 15 day version of the popular Whole 30 Program

I am headed on another trip March 17th, so this is a good way to combat some of the damage I may do while traveling. It’s just a great reset for my body after having a month of slowly slipping back into my bad habits.

Who wants to join me? I’m sharing lots of what I’m eat over on Instagram Stories.

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