California Wild Flowers 2017

California Flower Fields 2017

Yep, it’s that time of year, California wild flowers are everywhere! And this year is called a Super Bloom. Every Spring, I look forward to a little wild flower hunting with my family. As you all know by now, I’m married to a legit nerd. Lonnie, my biology teacher husband, is all about plants, animals and all things environment. Actually one of our first dates in college was to go wild flower collecting so that he could press the flowers. He identifies all the flowers with his field guides and I take the pictures.

After a long draught, it’s so much fun to see so many poppies and lupin in the hills. We drove just 20 mins East of Bakersfield last weekend to find these beautiful blooms. So, if you hurry, I think there is still time to find wild flowers in California. (If you know the area, just head for the hills near Arvin, CA)

California Flower Fields 2017 California Flower Fields 2017 California Flower Fields 2017 California Flower Fields 2017 California Flower Fields 2017California Wild Flowers 2017California Wild Flowers 2017

Olivia still loves all these little adventures we go on. While it is illegal to pick the California poppies, she did enjoy picking a lot of the other blooms. She literally ran through the flowers, hunting for lizards and smelling everything in sight. I’m so glad I took an afternoon to capture these images. I guess life in California is pretty darn idyllic.

This week we are in Northern California, Eureka, at my parent’s place. We are enjoying the Redwoods, the beach and lots of much needed rain. I’m sure I’ll be sharing a lot more of all the gorgeous landscapes California has to offer up here as well. I’m pretty proud to be a Californian.

California Wild Flowers

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