24 Must-Have Beach Towels

I think we just made the best decision for our Summer plans. We just signed up to for a pool membership! Yep, there is hope we will survive these 100 F plus days. We are only 3 days into Summer vacation, and my kids need a way to get exercise and burn some energy. Summer here is equivalent to a harsh winter elsewhere.  Keeping kids looked up indoors all day is a recipe for sibling conflict and endless messes.

So, now that we will be swimming daily, beach towels were on my mind. The couple of beach towels that we own currently are over 10 years old and have definitely seen better days. So, I’m definitely in the market. I put together a little round up of some of my favorite finds. With so many good choices, I’m not sure which ones I’ll pick.

  1. Gold Palm Leaves
  2. Yellow and Pink Stripes
  3. Black Marble
  4. Black + White Stripe
  5. Black Tribal
  6. Green + White Stripe
  7. Pink with Tropical Leaves
  8. Pineapples
  9. Hot Tub
  10. Wide Black + White Stripe
  11. Good Vibes
  12. Round Tropical Leaves
  13. Green Leaves
  14. Peach Turkish Towel
  15. Pink with Black Leaves
  16. Round Tribal
  17. Pink Stripes
  18. Orange + Blue
  19. Orange Smiley Faces
  20. Round Black
  21. Moroccan Black + White
  22. Geometric Black + White
  23. Garden Rose
  24. Round Geometric

Did one catch your eye? I think my oldest would love the number 23, the Garden Rose. I love the big round towels, not only for the beach but also for a trip to the park or just for hanging out in the back yard. Number 5 is probably is my favorite, I’m always a sucker for Pendleton patterns.

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