Step Stool Turned Plant Stand

I’m pretty sure that almost everyone I know owns this IKEA Bekvam step stool, especially if you have toddlers. We are definitely out of the toddler stage and everyone in our house can reach the sink faucets without a step stool. So, I’m giving this step stool a little makeover and a new purpose. I’m turning this step stool into a little plant stand for all my plant babies.

I’m excited to be joining the ‘Make It Martha’ blogger program. As a long time Martha Stewart fan, I’m excited to be sharing here on Oleander + Palm some fun DIYs using Martha’s awesome new line of craft supplies available at Michael’s.

For this first project, I’m using Martha’s all-new line of Home Decor Paint. These paints come in all the perfect Martha Steward shades and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. This water-based paint is fade resistant and lends a lovely eggshell finish to the surface. I chose the color Trellis for a perfectly minty/jadite light green.

Here is the before. Our stool has been used for quite few years and definitely was in need of some love.

Can you see how scuffed up and old and yucky this stool is.  No lie at all, I put only ONE coat of this paint on this stool. That is amazing. It went on like butter and laid flat and smooth.

I also thought it would be fun to add a little clever customized saying to one of the pots. I used Martha Stewart Crafts Typewriter Adhesive Stencils to spell out “Water Me” and then simply stenciled on the saying with Lava Stone Grey Home Decor Paint with a Foam Pouncer. While the paint was still dry, I pealed off the reusable stencils.

I can think of quite a few pieces of furniture that could use a quick coat of paint. I love this new Home Decor Paint line.

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    1. Jeran Post author

      No, that is not required. It’s a nice satin finish too, which is totally my fave. I’m not really a fan of glossy paint.


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