Christmas Cards

Christmas cards are ready! This feels like a huge accomplishment with all the things that are going on this time of year. I think mostly I make photo Christmas cards so that the grandparents have something up to date to put on their fridge. If you can keep the Grandma’s happy, it always feels like a win.

This year, I hired a photographer friend to take our pictures so that I wouldn’t have to stress about it. But, totally out of her control, she got really sick and couldn’t make our shoot. So, I set up a tripod in front of our house and took a family picture before we headed to church. It’s kind of guaranteed that everyone will look halfway pulled together, and I know everyone will be home at that moment. The picture isn’t fantastic, but it’s pretty darn good. It just goes to show that often we like to overcomplicate things. I’m pretty sure the grandmas will be just as happy with this family shot as they were with last year professional images. I kind of like that our house is in this picture too. Who knows how long we will live here, it’s nice to have this landmark in pictures so we can remember or time here. And, when all else fails, slap a black and white filter on the picture and pick a pretty good foil design.

Mixbook makes holiday card making super easy and they have sooo many gorgeous metallic foil designs now.

I ordered this simple Love and Joy design in gold foil. On the back of the card I added more pictures of my cute kids (remember, these are really just for the Grandmas). Their drag and drop feature, makes it so easy to move around images and try out different layouts.

If you hurry and order cards today, you can get 50% off your order. Check out THIS Instagram post for the coupon code.

Now all I have to do is bribe my kids to write out all the addresses on the envelopes. A candy cane and the threat of Santa not showing up should help.

I know I love to get photo holiday cards from friends and family. Do you send out cards? And more importantly, do you have yours ordered and ready to by shipped?

This post is sponsored by Mixbook. Thank you for supporting the companies that help make this blog possible.

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