DIY Velvet Earring Tags

DIY Velvet Earring Tags

This little DIY is a Anthro hack. When I was in Chicago earlier this month, I saw a cute set of studs all displayed on a velvet tag. I decided this was a great little gift idea I needed to recreate for folks on tighter budgets (like myself). Don’t get me wrong, Anthropologie does everything so well, it’s just a little out of my price range most of the time.

DIY Velvet Earring Tags

So, with a 6 inch length of velvet ribbon, a brass D ring and some hot glue, I gave some inexpensive earrings from H&M, Target, and Forever 21 a much classier presentation. This is a great last-minute stocking stuffer idea, or just a fun gift to hang on the tree for Christmas morning. One of these sets will be going in my daughter’s stocking for sure.

DIY Velvet Earring TagsIt’s pretty self-explanatory, but simply glue down about a 1/4″ of the end of the ribbon to secure the D ring and then cut a V out of the bottom of the ribbon. Then you can just push a few pairs of earrings through the ribbon and secure them with their backs. So easy, and so much better to give then a set of earrings on a cardboard or plastic card!

DIY Velvet Earring TagsDIY Velvet Earring Tags

I now, I better FINALLY finish my Christmas shopping.

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