What I’ve Thrifted Lately

Brass Candle Sticks - thrifted for $3 each!

It’s been a while since I’ve shared any of my thrifting treasures here. I recently did a big purge of a lot of props here at home and at the studio. And now I feel like I have more room for fun vintage finds.

I’ve found that my readers LOVE seeing what I find and the great deals I walk away with. So, I’m going to have a little giveaway of a few of my favorite pieces over on Instagram. Tune in Sunday evening for all the giveaway details over on instagram. I’m going to give away a few little treasures, so you’ll want to chime in and let me know what items you want for your home.

Brass Candle Sticks - thrifted for $3 each!

Whenever I visit my parent’s in Northern California, I try to hit up some of my favorite spots around there. This last trip, I found this set of 3 brass candle sticks. I’m a sucker for brass, especially old brass. You’ll probably see a lot of brass in the giveaway mix.

Midcentury magazine rack - thrifted for $2

This little midcentury beauty was unbelievably cheap. And the best part is I just saw an identical magazine rack in an antique mall this week for $55 (and that was the sale price).

Midcentury magazine rack - thrifted for $2Midcentury Wooden Bowl

Often folks tend to overlook the small items. I’m usually on the hunt for big furniture, but sometimes the real gems are the itty bitty details like this gorgeous wooden bowl.

Midcentury Wooden BowlVintage Brass Mouse

I found this adorable mouse over the Christmas break in Idaho. He was a little pricier then I wanted him to be. But, I have no regrets. I’m so glad I picked him up. I don’t know what he is real use or purpose is – maybe a ring holder, maybe a spike for receipts and bills? But, his only job in our house is to be cute.

Vintage Brass Mouse

And last, but not least, are these pretty little pink melamine plates. I love it when you can find an entire set of something and 10 is a great number. These are perfect for little desserts or appetizers. Olivia definitely loves them.

Vintage Melamine Plates - set of 10 thrifted for $10

I used them as little mini chargers for my indiviual Chocolate Raspberry Baked French Toast.

Vintage Melamine Plates - set of 10 thrifted for $10

Now this is the best part…..the numbers! I know you are dying to see how much a spent.

So here’s what I spent:

  • $9 – 3 Brass Candle Sticks
  • $2 – Midcentury Magazine Rack
  • $12 – Vintage Brass Mouse
  • $7 – Midcentury Wooden Bowl
  • $10 – Pink Melamine Plates (set of 10)

Total – $40

What have you found lately at your favorite antique malls, thrift stores or at a garage sale? And don’t forget to check back on Sunday for the giveaway on instagram.

10 thoughts on “What I’ve Thrifted Lately

  1. Felicia

    These are definitely all beautiful thrift scores! I love them all, especially that magazine rack and for that prize wow! The little mouse is cute and so are the plates! I’m inspired to share my thrift finds soon, I went yesterday and found lots of beautiful artwork!

  2. Ann-Marie

    These are SUCH good finds! I’ve recently started thrifting again after a little hiatus and MAN, it feels good to be back! There’s nothing quite like a successful thrift trip!


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