Color Inspiration – Terra Cotta + Green

Hey friends, there is so much going on lately. Before we talk about this gorgeous color combination of Terra Cotta + Green, let me give you a little life update.Oleander + Palm Color Inspiration - Terra Cotta, Rust, Cognac, Mint, + Forest Green

I want so badly to share with you all the details of the model homes , but I just can’t yet. Currently it’s a FULL-TIME job. There has been some delays, but the builders have broken ground and everything is going to be moving really fast from now on. I’m pinning, sourcing, buying, hauling, and sorting these days. Stick with me, there will be a lot of share soon.

In the meantime, I thought I’d share some color inspiration that keeps catching my eye. If you’ve been around these O+P parts for a while, you know that I’m a HUGE fan of the color green. So, no surprise at all, today’s color inspiration combo is one part green.


I just can’t get enough of this forest, mint, and rust combination. As a redhead, green is my go-to. But this new found love of rusty, deep oranges surprises me. It feels way too close to my hair color. But, if you think about it as beautiful terra cotta pottery, rich cognac leather, or even beautiful mahogany, then it’s so much better then just a shade of orange. While I will never where an orange top or jacket, you definitely will see me with a purse and shoes this earthy color.

It’s funny how your personal style, as in the clothing you wear, comes out in your interiors as well. When you make choices on style based on your personal taste, and not just on trends, it all tends to work together in the end.

plates on table

green velvet chair

hotel patio


Is there any color combinations you are loving these days?

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