Stylish Alarm Clocks

Stylish Alarm Clocks Stylish Alarm Clocks

Parenting is tough, and it feels particularly tough with all the ways our kids can be connected with social media and and just the internet these days. I worry that my kids are too dependent on technology and having access to information ALL THE TIME. We definitely don’t have it all figured out, and we are always attempting to do a little better at this parenting gig. So, we are trying something new. In an effort to try to find a little disconnect from our phones, we have been storing all our phones, devices, and tablets in a cabinet in our living room at night. Our kids need sometime to disconnect, and frankly so do we.

We of course used to use our phones as our alarm clocks in the morning. So, we’ve had to go old school. But, I was pleasantly surprised when I went shopping for alarm clocks. There are some really stylish ones out there that can really act as decor and a great bedside table accessory.

Stylish Alarm Clocks

If you are looking to go old school or just want a great looking clock to sit on your dresser, I’ve rounded up some of my favorites.

Stylish Alarm Clocks1. // 2. // 3.

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10. // 11. // 12.

13. // 14. // 15.

Stylish Alarm Clocks

Ideally, I should go to bed at a reasonable hour and then just wake up with the sun. But, that is not reality. I need a very load buzzing noise near my head and a giant cup of coffee to follow. Now, let’s hit snooze one more time, before we start this day.

And because I know folks will ask. Here’s some of the sources for the pieces found on my side of the bed.

  • Nightstand – vintage (sorry, I know that’s not helpful at all)
  • Wall Sconce
  • Vase – West Elm (no longer in stock)
  • Le Baume (gosh I love this stuff, you can put it on your lips, face and hands and it smells heavenly)
  • Brass Bed
  • Glasses
  • Brass Tray – Vintage

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