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24 Stylish Coffee Tables Under $200

June 23, 2017

24 Stylish Round Coffee Tables Under $200

Today felt like a good day for a round up. I’ve been doing a lot of local design work lately. I’ve got 3 clients that I’ve been helping lately and a lot of what I do for them is just source products that I think they will love. But, in true Oleander + Palm style, I do hunt down a lot of really great deals. So, I thought I should share some of my finds with you as well.

I’m a huge fan of the round coffee table. I like playing with shapes when a style a space and usually living rooms are full of only squares and rectangles. Rugs, sofas, credenzas, and chairs have straight lines and angled corners. A round coffee table gives you a chance to change things up a bit. One of my all time favorite purchases is my West Elm Marble Topped Coffee Table (which is no longer available – so sad). It’s one of my favorite surfaces to style and restyle. This coffee table shows up on my Instagram Feed all the time. So, since I have so much love for my round coffee table, I felt like a should find some great options for you as well. And I can’t believe the prices on some of these super stylish pieces. All 24 coffee tables are under $200 and many are even under $100.

24 Stylish Round Coffee Tables Under $200

Happy shopping friends, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the prices of these coffee tables.

  1. Walnut
  2. Brass and Glass
  3. Black Metal Tray with Brass Legs
  4. Wood with Brass Tip Legs
  5. Brass Tray
  6. White and Glass
  7. White Chunky Legs
  8. Tan and Dark Wood
  9. Wire and White
  10. Rose Gold
  11. Black and Brass
  12. Woven Rattan
  13. Black and Glass
  14. White and Wood
  15. Black with Geometric Legs
  16. Rustic Wood Top
  17. Hammered Brass Drum
  18. All Black
  19. Copper and Black
  20. Black Wire
  21. White and Walnut
  22. Midcentury with Grey Top
  23. Grey and Wood
  24. Glass Top

I also have a round coffee table outside (it’s #18 in white though). Can you tell it’s really my favorite shape of coffee table?

So, do you have a favorite? I think there’s some real gems in today’s post.





Sage Green Walls

May 2, 2017

After visiting Sweden last month, I’m definitely convinced that it is ok to bring back sage green. I saw this calm, cool, soft tone in a lot of homes and restaurants. It’s definitely a throw-back color for me and I’m sure many of you. My brides maid’s dresses were sage green in 1998 and our first house had lots of sage green walls.

It’s really such a great color. I consider it almost a neutral. It’s subtle and not overpowering at all. And it looks great with so many other colors. I recently painted a half wall in my studio, and I really love how it came out. I’m trying to decide which room in our house would look good with sage green walls. Maybe the powder room is a good place to start.

I did a little pinterest search and found some really great rooms that use sage green in a fun modern way and don’t feel too 1998. No surprise at all, a lot of these rooms are from Scandinavian homes.

Sage Green Paint

I did a little sage green research for you. This is totally not an ad or even a sponsored post, I just love Sherwin-Williams paints, and it’s the paint store I shop at.  Here’s a few sage green paint colors to consider. The color I used in my studio is the very first one Clary Sage. My studio is very bright, so the color seems lighter once it’s on the wall. But, with any color, you have to try it in the space first. These are just 6 sold sage greens that I was drawn to. Copen Blue feels quite modern and very similar to a lot of the sage tones I saw in Sweden. Maybe this is the color I’ll try in our powder room. And while Artichoke is the darkest in this group, I think it’s my favorite. It’s dark and grounded but still a soft, subtle green in a way. Sage is just that perfect earthy green. It kind of has that pretty pastel feel, but with a little more sophistication.

Sage Green Paint ColorsSage Green PaintSage Green PaintSage Green PaintSage Green Paint Sage Green Paint Sage Green PaintSage Green Half Painted Wall


image sources: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10

So what do you think? Are you ready to throw back? I’m definitely still in love with my white walls, but I think a little sage green could be fun to play with.


Hunter Douglas PowerView Shades

April 14, 2017

I’m so excited to finally share our living room with you. I’ve made two really big changes that make this room feel a lot more finished. I’ve painted the room white (no more dark teal walls) and we’ve gotten rid of all the drapes.
Last week I shared how I’m really not a curtain girl. And today I’m sharing our amazing new Hunter Douglas Silhouette Shades. I couldn’t be happier. These gorgeous shades instantly modernized our 1918 house. Our living room has so many large, unusual sized windows. Having custom made shades that mount inside the windows, allows the beautiful, original wood trim to really shine. Having curtains that hide all this trim just seems wrong.
Living Room Shades
So, not only are these made to fit our windows exactly, these amazing Silhouette shades have no cords, no pulls, and no strings. They are controlled completely wirelessly with the Hunter Douglas’s PowerView Motorization. You can control and even schedule the shades to open, shut, and change the light filter from you smart phone, tablet, or remote.
I’ve put together a little video to show you these window treatment masterpieces in action. Photographs don’t do them justice, you need to see these shades moving.

If you’ve ever lived in a house with old windows, you know that they are not the best insulators. When it’s hot in Bakersfield, it’s very HOT! Silhouette’s signature S-Vane is designed to put you in control of the amount of natural light that comes in, with beautiful effects. With no cords or tapes, the sheer facings allow you to view through the vanes to the outside, while maintaining a discreet level of privacy. We live on a somewhat busy main street, so being able to allow light in during the day but still have privacy is a really awesome feature. These shades even protect furniture, floors and artwork from fading with UV  protection.

Living Room Shades Living Room Shades Living Room Shades

The PowerView Motorization that is available with Silhouette is a revolutionary new system that automatically raises, lowers, tilts or traverses a single or group of window treatments throughout the day, so you don’t have to. We set up our shades in groups by room. Then, with the PowerView App on our iphones, we created and scheduled Scenes throughout the day. In the very early morning, we set the shades to filter in the light yet still offer privacy. Mid-morning the day is in full swing and we wanted to flood the room with light, so we scheduled them to open all the way. Mid-afternoon, the sun can be a little harsh, so we scheduled the shades to tilt and to filter in a softer light. In the evening, we have the shades scheduled to close a few minutes after sunset.  And on the weekends, you can encourage a slower start, by keeping the space shaded a little longer. It’s complete luxury and we love it!

Hunter Douglas shades even work with smart home devices like our Nest. For example, Nest can sense when you’re away from home and alert the PowerView App to activate a PowerView Scene of your choosing. These can range from Scenes that optimize privacy to those that emphasize home security or energy conservation.

Living Room ShadesLiving Room ShadeWhile we really haven’t bought any new furniture at all, this room feels like a brand new space. When we bought this house, one of my favorite things about this space was these gorgeous windows. I’m glad they can finally be shown off.Living Room ShadesLike I said, we haven’t bought any new pieces, but here’s a look at how the room is coming together. I still want to hang one more frame to the left of the TV, under the wall sconce. But, I think we are off to a good start and it feels like home when you hang familiar pieces on the wall. Living Room ShadesLiving Room ShadesLiving Room ShadesLiving Room Shades

This post is sponsored by Hunter Douglas, thank you for supporting the companies that help make this blog possible. 


Non-Curtain Window Treatments

April 6, 2017

A long time ago, I decided that I just wasn’t a fan of curtains. The idea of adding some color or pattern to a room seems nice, but in reality, it doesn’t every work in my spaces. Yes, I like when someone else uses curtains, but for some reason curtains and I are not friends. In our first house, I had white linen curtains in our dining room for about a year or two. And they were okay, but not great. And then in this new house, I bought curtains and hung them in our bedroom, only to take them down the very next day. And aren’t curtains just big dust collectors? One of my favorite things about owning an old home is the windows. 100 year old Craftsman windows are huge with beautiful wide trim around them. I felt like curtains just covered up all the pretty wood work.

Our living room is a gigantic room with 9 windows!!! It really has 3 walls of windows. When we bought the house, there was striped, satin-like curtains hung on ornate curtain rods. I knew they had to go, but trying to figure out what to replace them with was not an easy task. I tried some pretty linen colored drapes for a day or two thinking that the gold and blue stripe was what was bothering me. But no, even the simplest curtain panel just didn’t feel right. I just didn’t want to hide all that pretty unpainted wood trim.

So, I started hunting for non-curtain options and I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you. In our last house, we had cellular blinds in almost every room. In our master bath and kitchen, I made fabric roman shades (which I super time consuming to make). So, I started looking into shade options. One of the the windows in the living room is 8 feet wide though, so anything we were going to install had to be custom.

I began looking at Hunter Douglas cellular shades and discovered SO MANY amazing options. I’m talking about stylish, high tech options that are so much better then any mini-blind or curtain out there.

Having to turn to a custom option, because of the size and age of our windows, Hunter Douglas gave me a lot to consider. You aren’t stuck just figuring it all out on your own, they have dealers all over the country. And actually the paint store I often visit even has a Hunter Douglas display room and a dealer. Here’s some of my favorite shade options and why I’d consider them.

  1. Fabric Vane Shades – These sheer shades allow light to filter in and still offer privacy. I like this option because we live on a main street, and while I love natural light flooding in, I also don’t want the whole neighborhood to know what I’m up to. These also have a modern, minimal feel. And I love that you can see through these shades even when they are down.
  2. Fabric Roman Shades – Roman shades are a classic look. And they come in more options then you can imagine. But, I wonder if 8 feet of fabric across a window will feel heavy and cumbersome in our house. I also don’t know that we need complete black-out or privacy for this room.
  3. Roller Shades – Roller Shades are clean and slick looking. They roll away to almost nothing, leaving no bulk of fabric or shade at the top of the window. They come in every color and pattern. They are very practical, but I feel like there are really only two options with these shades – open or closed.
  4. Adjustable Fabric Vane Shades – Everything I love about #1, but even more adjustable. These shades tilt to allow light to come in a different angles. I love the idea of privacy and filtered light all at the same time. And these shades also have no cords or pulls, they are completely automatic and can even be operated from your phone!
  5. Cellular Shades – I’ve long been a fan of these honeycomb shades. We lived with them for 13 years in our first house. They are neat and tidy and the almost disappear when they are pulled all the way up. We also found that these shades helped insulate our house from the heat and cold. If you live with 100 year old windows, you know that this is very important. These also come in every color possible, but I’m sure a classic neutral would be my first pick.
  6. Woven Texture Roman Shades – These shades have all the classic features of a traditional fabric roman shade, but also the pretty texture of natural fibers. They have the look of grasscloth, but all the shade and ease of a Roman Shade. I feel like these natural textures and tones would work really well with all the wood trim in our house.

So, many amazing choices, I can’t wait to share with you what we pick. Stay tuned. What would window treatment would you consider for our windows? Are you are curtain or non-curtain person?

Now, let’s take a look at the before.  Don’t you think we can do better?

And how about those curtain rods? And yes, the blue/green walls are gone.

This post is sponsored by Hunter Douglas, thank you for supporting the companies that help make this blog possible. 

Design / Find

39 Must-Have Decorative Trays

March 31, 2017

A couple weeks ago I shared some fun bathroom art and some tips for keeping your bathroom stylish and organized. I shared an image of a bunch of my favorite trays. Ya, I love a good tray and I might have a slight addiction. So, I decided you might like some tray sources. I’ve done a little online shopping for you and I’ve found more then just a few cool trays – I’ve rounded up 39! You there is a tray for everyone!

I use trays in almost every room in my house. They are the perfect landing spot for a group of small objects. Trays also can add a little pattern, color or sheen to space. Candles, plants, toiletries, kitchen objects, nick nacks, jewelry, and art supplies all find homes on a cute tray.

  1. Elephants
  2. Sage Green
  3. Black Speckle
  4. Round Copper
  5. Oatmeal Octagon
  6. Woven Basket
  7. Hammered Brass
  8. Green Plaid
  9. Black and White Typography
  10. Grey Triangle
  11. Brass Long Oval
  12. Straight Sides Brass
  13. Black Flowers
  14. Black Sketch
  15. Light Wood
  16. Round Gold
  17. Rectangular Hammered Brass
  18. Peach Octagon
  19. Colorful Triangles
  20. Narrow Wooden
  21. White and Copper
  22. Small Pink Rectangle
  23. Shiny Gold
  24. Diamond Pattern
  25. Evergreen Geometric
  26. Geometric Pattern
  27. Round Acacia
  28. Grey Dots
  29. Matte Black
  30. Small Brass Rectangle
  31. Gilded
  32. Bright Yellow
  33. Half Moon Pattern
  34. Black Dip
  35. White Oval
  36. Light Purple
  37. Black Lines
  38. Brass With Stone Detail
  39. Camel Platter

So, have I convinced you that you need a tray or two in your life? Which ones caught your eye? I think I need number 8.  Have a great weekend friends!


Bathroom Art and 5 Tips to Keeping Your Bathroom Organized and Stylish

March 15, 2017


The bathroom might be the most under-styled room in the house. Would you agree? But, really everyday is started in this room. I am a firm believer that your surroundings can effect your mood. Waking up to disorganization and an uninspired space might be the wrong way to begin your day. Today I’m sharing some pretty bathroom art that might give you a little boost of encouragement (and yah, you can download all three pieces for FREE!). And I’ve also got some simple tips to help your keep your bathroom organized and stylish.


If you are going to love your bathroom, you might want to start with hanging something pretty on the walls. I recently spent time playing with my camera and some pretty Spring blooms. Then I framed these images as sleek, modern, acrylic prints at Mixbook. These prints are perfect for showing off crisp, detailed photographs. I also love these acrylic prints for the bathroom because they are frameless. There are no nooks and crannies where dust and moisture can collect. I chose to hang one on the walls and lean the other on a shelf. With easy to mount hardware, these are synch to hang.

If you like these prints, you can download them for free.

I also created a little print that says “You Look Great!”. I like the idea of this being small enough to fit into a medicine cabinet. It’s a nice little surprise with you open the cabinet to reach for your toothbrush. I printed this as a 4×6 photo print at Mixbook, which are only $0.15 each to print. I framed this little print in a inexpensive brass frame to add to the gold and brass accents in the bathroom.


And don’t worry, I didn’t forget about you.  Mixbook is giving Oleander + Palm readers 40% off anything on their site!!!!! Just enter the code OP40  and get 40% off sitewide. (Expires May 14th Midnight PST). Now how cool is that?

Once you get something pretty on the walls it’s time to get organized. Here are my 5 tips to keeping a organized and stylish bathroom:

1. TRAYS – I might own more then a couple trays. I think I use them in every room in my house. They are the perfect landing spot for odds and ends. Instead of loose items floating around on surfaces without a purpose, a tray gives these items a place to belong. In the bathroom, I keep a lot of my most-used toiletries out on the counter.

2. WHITE LINENS – I’ve decided that white towels are the only way to go. They really are easy to keep clean, unlike colorful or patterned towels, they can be bleached back to snowy white. White towels hung in a bathroom don’t clutter the space. For me, clutter creates chaos, so having white towels is one simple step to creating a little less chaos. Now don’t get me wrong, I love trendy, patterned towels. So, my exception to the white towel rule is that hand towels can be any color or pattern. These are the least expensive towel to replace, so why not?

3. ONLY PRETTY BOTTLES – Yep, it seams like a stupid rule, but it will help make for a prettier space. I’m not saying you can’t buy the budget or bulk soap (I definitely do) but if you do, transfer the product to pretty bottles. I did this in our shower years ago. I made simple 1-2-3 bottles and filled them with shampoo, conditioner and body wash. And then, if you have pretty bottles, put them on display. I don’t know about you, but clean branding and pretty packaging makes me happy. 
4. CONTAINERS – Jars, glasses, bowls, baskets – these are all your friends in the bathroom. Keeping like objects together is the best way for my kids to stay organized. Inside drawers and medicine cabinets I keep hair ties and clips within easy reach. I like using glasses and bowls for combs, make-up, toothbrushes and cotton buds. They can easily be cleaned by putting them through the dishwasher from time to time. If you buy bathroom specific items, often they can’t be washed in the dishwasher.

5 tips for keeping an organized and stylish bathroom

5. SILVERWARE TRAYS – Again, the kitchen section of the department store saves the day. Perfectly compartmentalized for make-up, medicine and all the unmentionables that are stored in the bathroom. I’m not a huge make-up girl. Yes, I need make-up to look somewhat presentable in public, but really I wear pretty much the same thing everyday. So one tray is plenty for me.

Be sure to take advantage of Mixbooks awesome discount code for O + P readers. There products are really high quality and I can’t recommend them enough. Remember the pretty Mocktail Calendar I made? Ya Mixbook does that as well.

Free Downloadable Art for You Bathroom

This post is sponsored by Mixbook, thank you for supporting the awesome companies that help make this blog possible. 


Guesthouse Bedroom Reveal

March 14, 2017

Oleander + Palm Guesthouse Bedroom Reveal

I’ve shared a lot of pictures of this fun space on my Instagram feed, but I’m finally ready to share all the reveal pics here on the blog. So, get ready for the Oleander + Palm Guesthouse Bedroom Reveal! I’ve got so many pictures, because I don’t want you to miss any of the details. If you missed the guesthouse bathroom reveal, you’ll want to go check that out as well.

Oleander + Palm Guesthouse RevealOleander + Palm Guesthouse RevealOleander + Palm Guesthouse Bedrroom RevealOleander + Palm Guesthouse Bedroom RevealGuesthouse Bedroom Reveal

I teamed up with one of my favorite online stores, AllModern. Remember the plan, I think it looks even better in person. I kept this little space feeling modern and fresh with lots of white and geometric patterns. To keep the space from becoming stark and cold, I added touches of pale pink. I also believe that geometric shapes can feel very masculine, so nothing softens a look like a little pink.

Oleander + Palm Guesthouse Bedroom RevealOleander + Palm Guesthouse Bedroom RevealGuesthouse Bedroom Reveal

The walls got a coat of my favorite white paint, Sherwin Williams Alabaster. We refinished the original floors and I love the warm honey color of them. I’m a huge fan of warm wood tones and white. So, my vintage dresser, that I refinished a few years ago, and this gorgeous new headboard are a perfect pair for this room. Modern design doesn’t have to be just molded plastic and glossy surfaces.

The bed needed to go in front of the windows, which it not ideal, but I think this tall headboard really anchors the bed. I love the mid century shape to the simple bed frame. It’s clean, simple shape feels timeless in this 1918 building.

I feel like I’m always playing with finding a balance between the age of our home (1918) and the modern day life we live. It’s a fun challenge. I want to preserve the character of the house, but I also don’t want to live in a museum. I like to keep things uncluttered so that the details and finishes of the home shine through. If you can’t tell already, I LOVE old houses.

Oleander + Palm Guesthouse Bedroom Reveal Oleander + Palm Guesthouse Bedroom RevealGuesthouse Bedroom RevealGuesthouse Bedroom Reveal

This room has no shortage of great lighting. I chose to keep the bedside tables clutter free and mounted two gorgeous brass swing arm sconces on either side of the bed.

Guesthouse Bedroom Reveal

This post is sponsored by AllModern, thank you for supporting the companies that help make this blog possible. 


Guesthouse Bathroom Reveal

February 8, 2017

Guesthouse Bathroom Reveal - modern patterns and vintage touches create a bold bathroom.

I’m so excited to share our guesthouse bathroom reveal with you today. It might be the smallest room in our house, but I’m pretty sure it packs the most style. All the gorgeous fixtures, fabulous tile and modern decor came from one store, AllModern. This bathroom makeover has been months in the making and I’m so grateful to my brother, Joash for all his help in seeing this project through. Our little Airbnb guesthouse will be open for business very soon!

I’m sure I broke a whole bunch of design rules when I chose this very bold, geometric tile and not only put it on the floor but also up the walls. But, that’s what makes it fun and exciting for me, trying something new and taking a risk. And even though this is some very loud patterned tile, the color palette is very neutral.

The room was mostly grey and white, so I chose to warm up the space with some warm wood tones and brass finishes.  This free-standing vanity is the perfect space saver for this tiny bathroom. With no legs or a pedestal base, it feels light and not cluttered. I love the view of this space from the doorway. Seeing the tile seamlessly transition from the floor to the wall creates an illusion of the space a little being bigger then it is.

Guesthouse Bathroom Reveal - modern patterns and vintage touches create a bold bathroom. Guesthouse Bathroom RevealGuesthouse Bathroom Reveal - modern patterns and vintage touches create a bold bathroom. Numbered Shower Bottles

If you can be in love with a shower fixture, I definitely am! This gorgeous shower handle is about the prettiest piece of hardware out there and instantly give the space a luxurious feel with out being too stuffy. We kept the shower classic and clean, with pretty white subway tiles. And there is definitely no missing those gorgeous fixtures in that all white space.  (I also added a set of my numbered shower bottles to the little nook in the shower.)

Brushed Brass Bathroom FixturesGuesthouse Bathroom Reveal - Bold patterns, crisp clean white tile, and brass fixtures. Brushed Brass Shower Head and FixturesGuesthouse Bathroom Reveal - Bold patterns, crisp clean white tile, and brass fixtures.

Limited wall space meant being a little creative with towel racks. We opted for two large knob hooks for guests to hang their towels to dry. Extra linens are tucked away in the large drawer under the sink. We also kept the original medicine cabinet because it offered so much fantastic storage. We found a simple round mirror to add to the long narrow cabinet door, and it broke up all the straight lines in the space.

Guesthouse Bathroom Reveal Guesthouse Bathroom RevealGuesthouse Bathroom Reveal - Bold patterns, crisp clean white tile, and brass fixtures.

This guesthouse was built in 1918, so we wanted to try to keep as much of the original charm and character as possible. The arched entry to the shower was one of the details.

White subway tiled shower.

Years ago the room was re-wired and conduit was added instead of dealing with the lath and plaster walls. While this can feel a little industrial or even unfinished, I kind of feel that it adds a fun layer to the space. A shiny new brass globe pendant light mounted to the exposed conduit is a playful juxtaposition.

Guesthouse Bathroom Reveal - modern patterns and vintage charm create a unique look.Brass Globe Pendant Light FixtureGuesthouse Bathroom Reveal Guesthouse bathroom revealGuesthouse Bathroom Reveal Guesthouse Bathroom RevealGuesthouse Bathroom Reveal Guesthouse Bathroom Reveal - modern patterns and vintage details.

There will be more room makeovers and reveals coming your way soon. Thanks friends for sticking with me. So, what do you think? Is the tile to wild for you? Are you in love with the pretty brass fixtures as much as I am? I’d love to hear what you think about our new and improved guesthouse bathroom.

This post was sponsored by AllModern. Thank you for supporting the companies that help make this blog possible. 

Bold geometric patterned tile on the bathroom floors and walls.


Hallway Makeover

February 6, 2017

Hayneedle Midcentury Bookcase and a Hallway Makeover

Slowly but surely there is less and less wallpaper in our house. This is a long, painfully messy process, but every time I see another room with crisp white walls I am sooooooo happy. The latest room I tackled was the upstairs hallway. It’s a great little space that needed a little personality.

If you’ve been following me for a while now, you know that I love vintage, and especially mid century furniture. So, when I came across this adorable mid century style bookcase at Hayneedle, I knew it would be a perfect fit for our home.

If you aren’t familiar with Hayneedle, then you are truly missing out. They have a huge selection of home furnishings, decor items, and almost everything you can think of for the inside and outside of the home.

I’ve teamed up with three other bloggers to share a styled bookcase from Hayneedle. Be sure to check out Love Your Abode, Wife in Progress, The Mountain View Cottage.

Here’s what I used in this space:

Hallway Makeover and an artificial fiddle leaf fig for a room that has no natural light.

I’ve tried a few times to keep a plant alive in this room, but with no natural light, it’s just impossible. So, believe it or not, this is an artificial fiddle leaf fig! Ya, they can look this good. I love the color and life plants bring to a space. And although I didn’t think I was an “fake” plant girl, I was easily convinced when this one arrived on my door step.

Hayneedle Midcentury Bookcase and a Hallway Makeover

So you can appreciate how awful the wallpaper was, here are some lovely “before” pics. Oh yes, there was a boarder as well. This yellow tone just felt aged and very dated.  Fresh white walls help make this space feel a lot brighter. With no natural light in this room, I needed to bounce as much light as possible.

Hallway Makeover Before Hallway Makeover Before

This part of the upstairs landing leads to the kid’s bathroom. So, a soft Moroccan rug runner felt like a must. Cold floors first thing in the morning can be a little rough. And this mostly white rug adds even more light to the space.

Hayneedle Midcentury Bookcase and a Hallway MakeoverArtificial Fiddle Leaf Fig Hayneedle Midcentury Bookcase and a Hallway Makeover

I kept the shelves kind of sparse and was super picky with the items I chose to display. I wanted to keep this space feeling light and airy. And in a couple weeks, I’ll probably change it up again. I like to rotate my favorite objects from room to room, it makes the whole space feel brand new.

Hayneedle Midcentury Bookcase and a Hallway MakeoverHayneedle Midcentury Bookcase and a Hallway Makeover

This post is sponsored by Hayneedle. Thank you for supporting the companies that help make this blog possible. 


The Guesthouse Bathroom Plan

January 12, 2017

Well, I know I said I was taking off the month of January to kind of get caught up with life, but I wanted to pop in and share a little more of the progress on the guesthouse.  This is one part of life that I’m really trying to finish – the guesthouse. We are full-steam-ahead and trying really hard to have this space 100% done in the next week or two. Tile is being installed and I’m giddy with how amazing it looks. I’m so glad we chose to have the tile installation done by professionals. I’m all for DIYing, but this was beyond my skill set.

The bathroom is small, but we are packing a whole bunch of style and functionality into this tiny space. The color palette is very neutral, but there is no shortage of bold geometric pattern and pretty brass details. I’ve teamed up with AllModern to give this 100 year old guesthouse a gorgeous, modern bathroom makeover. My guests are going to feel like they are staying in a 5 Star hotel with this bathroom makeover.

Guesthouse Bathroom Plan

  1. Rosewood Vanity
  2. Brushed Brass Faucet
  3. Brass Globe Light Pendant
  4. Wood and Brass Shelf
  5. Toilet
  6. White Towels
  7. Turkish Hand Towel
  8. Brushed Brass Shower Head
  9. Towel Hooks
  10. Hand Towel Ring
  11. Toilet Paper Holder
  12. Geometric Tile
  13. White Subway Tile

Stay tuned friends, because things are coming together really quickly now. My brother, Joash, has worked many many hours to help us create this beautiful space. We are so grateful for his skilled help. We just finished the refinishing the floors right before Christmas. I took lots of the step-by-step pics and I’m excited to share the finished product with you. That will be on the blog next week. Spoiler Alert –  floors turned out better then I could have imagined.